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    A List Of Actual Planned Projects

    I did it for the style I could easily have made them high poly and real looking but I wanted a more anime type feel to them.
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    A List Of Actual Planned Projects

    It will be kinda like the legend of zelda / mario type game style. I have lots of work to do finshing the animations and working on the main village and characters and hopefully will have a demo ready to port to the pandora as soon as its released.
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    A List Of Actual Planned Projects

    I am working on: Legend of the Shinobi Pic are here!
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    Opengl Es And Sdl Together?

    That sounds great thanks for the post.
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    Opengl Es And Sdl Together?

    I hope that the pandora will be able to do them both.
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    Opengl Es And Sdl Together?

    Is it possible to link / run both OpenGL ES and SDL together ( at the same time ) on Pandora like it can be done on PC with OpenGL and SDL? Any devs with boards try this yet?
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    Opengl 2.0 Or Opengl Es 2.0

    Does anyone know if the pandora will be OpenGL 2.0 or OpenGL ES 2.0 I would like to know so I can start porting over my Direct3d programs to the correct format. Thanks.
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    GP2X F-200 Controll Pad Name

    Could anyone tell me what the new controll pad's name is the F-100 model returns the name Pep Joy does the new model have a different name if anyone knows please let me know I need the info for some hard coding of the joysticks in my upcoming game. Thanks.
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    Our New Machine, Pandora

    I don't know it this has been asked yet but will the new system have an updated version of SDL so functions like SDL_LoadMUS_RW will be incorporated also will OpenGL and SDL libs be preloaded onto the system kinda like the GP2X has sdl loaded on the nand? (Will there be an official SDK???) Thanks.
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    New Gp2x F-200

    If you look at the pics on the play asia site one of them states Easy Emulator Experience and has 2 icons listed I think it may have gp32 backward compatiblity with the new system because the game Blood Cross is for the gp32 unless they converted it for the gp2x does anyone have any idea?
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    GP2X Sdl Bitmap Scaler

    Unfathomable Depths quick question for you. Is there a reason in you code that you used dest_pixels++;dest_pixels++; twice instead of just dest_pixels+=2; I was just wondering if it served some point I missed?
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    GP2X Open2x Sdl Download?

    Looks about the same. -static -lSDL_image -ljpeg -lpng12 -lz -lSDL_mixer -lvorbisidec -lmikmod -lmad -lsmpeg -lSDL -lgcc -lm -lc -lexpat -lpthread -msoft-float
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    GP2X Open2x Sdl Download?

    Man I don't know what to tell ya. I have complete .ogg playback with no trouble at all and I didn't do anything different other than add those libs I even had it before I added them in your rc2 release. I haven't tried any others releases of yours. I wish I could tell you why I have it and you...