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    Poker2x V1.1 Released

    Wow, what a coincidence! I only just learned how to play Poker on Saturday evening, and got really into it on Sunday... now it's Monday morning and this pops up for my GP2x :D fantastic :lol:
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    I've Returned!

    Hey, it's been a long time since I was last here.. about 2 years ago I think :o I've returned, and I may frequent these boards again seeing I've ordered myself a GP2x from Lik-Sang lately, and I can't wait for it to arrive :D I also came back to ask a question regarding the Doom 64 PWAD for...
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    A Fellow Gp32'er Returns :)

    *Bump* Sorry, got one more question I forgot to ask (Damn, doncha just hate it when you knew you forgot one more thing to say? :P) 6. Any Flash players for GP32 yet? :unsure:
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    British GP32 meet 2004

    Sorry, I didnt bother to read the whole thread since I aint much in the mood for reading 5 pages just to know a few little things.. Has the location for the next British meet-up been set yet? I hope it can be somewhere near/in Glasgow this time :unsure: Also, if any rough date or time range...
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    A Fellow Gp32'er Returns :)

    Hi! Long time no see GP32'ers! Sorry for disappearing for quite awhile, I was worried my account died out or something but it turns out it's still here so that's a relief :) I havent been around since I wasnt finding anything exciting happening on the GP32 scene (well, not to my interests to say...
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    Sonic Adventure 2 In A Nutshell - Video Edition

    Oh that reminds me, gotta update it since I havent been at this board for awhile :P EDIT: There we go :D
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    Sonic Adventure 2 In A Nutshell - Video Edition

    It's just a simple Windows Media Video (.WMV).. relax, it wont bite :P
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    Sonic Adventure 2 In A Nutshell - Video Edition Enjoy :D
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    Ouch indeed... I kinda feel sorry for scherzo, since Little John outranks his emulator by a mile and he doesnt have nearly enough time to make a comeback... :( Oh well.. maybe someone else will work on his emu's source from now on.. and fix the Game Genie function, which would make me really...
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    Yeah, I didnt think so either, but hey, it's GP32 news, right? :P
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    Just thought I'd look back at the page for the ol' discounted Nester project, when I found it's source code is now released, here's the author's words: If anyone's interested then go get it at his website:
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    Going to upgrade my computer this weekend!!

    I know this topic is old but I still havent ordered the upgrades, since I am unable to purchase the items from What I might do instead is just get them off eBay, here's the upgrade items offered with a "buy it now":
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    Games Factory, klik & play, mmf. Is it possible?!

    Hey. I was also thinking about this kind of thing. I too am a "fellow kliker" and I think it would be awesome if an engine to run MMF/TGF applications was being worked on... and since most of them only use two buttons ("Fire button 1" and "Fire button 2") Button probs wouldnt be order of the...
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    How Many Consoles/Games do you own?

    I dont own a huge collection of consoles, but I do own a mass collection of console GAMES for GameCube! :D I cant remember the entire list off-hand so lemmie check it later and post it here