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    Wine On Pandora

    Hmm, should have gone with an Intel Atom Cpu instead, then the software catalogue would have justified the price. I guess I'll pass on the pandora until it has software that can't be found on the GP2x or psp.
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    Wine On Pandora

    Is this possible or CPU incompatibility?
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    20% Off All Stuff At Pa = Cheap Gp2x

    20% off everything sale at I bought myself a spare GP2X and a few other things. It's only for items instock so you'll need to be quick. Only 6 days and 14 hours left or something. This is the second time they've done this.
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    Swap: My Mk2 Gp2x And Phat Ds For Your Psp

    I've got a spare 1.50 PSP. It's only got it and the box though. None of the other stuff....
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    Phat Ds For $99 At Pa

    Well for that price I decided to buy a DS and add it to my collection of 3 PSP's. Heaps of other stuff is cheap at playasia too because of a summer sale. Plus you can win a PS3 yay. Anyway if you want a DS as well: Linkage
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    Woogal Is A Woman According To

    "Yet another flashback - this time it's all bloody and people are shooting at you and stuff. Woogal has updated her Duke Nukem 3D port to version 0.02 which now has the music working. Duke2X is compatible with 1.3, 1.4, and 1.5 GP2X's. " :lol: Gotta love that site ;)
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    Lik- Sang's Shit List

    Used many NiMH batteries and alkaline batteries. Never booted again. If it doesn't work with batteries it shouldn't have been created to work with batteries. Funny thing is, it only worked that one time with the batteries it came with. Maybe I'll have more luck with the replacement.
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    Lik- Sang's Shit List

    Got my GP2X for christmas and It booted once and died. Yes I tried all different kinds of batteries. My unit was a POS so it's hard not to accept what lik-sang is saying in my case.
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    Power-on Probs.

    I've got exactly the same problem. I'm trying 2500mah if they don't work I'm sending mine back.
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    You Thought Gph Was Sloppy

    Why you get to post such garbage on these boards is beyond me. Obviously you're seriously lacking in your vocabulary and the moderators here aren't doing their job.
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    Brand New Gp2x Seems To Have Been Bricked In 1 Min

    Charged my 1800mAh and I got the grey GP2X screen once. I think it's bricked.
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    Brand New Gp2x Seems To Have Been Bricked In 1 Min

    Didn't work for me zero3k and even if it did I wouldn't accept that from a brand new unit. This is getting ridiculous. Brand new Alkalines not working at all? :S
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    Brand New Gp2x Seems To Have Been Bricked In 1 Min

    Okay well I bought some brand new TDK 'super alkaline' Alkalines and I managed to get to the grey screen once. So I guess these batteries may be useless too or my GP2X is f@#$ed one or the other. Though I'd like to mention it did work (once) with the batteries it came with but it's not working...
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    Brand New Gp2x Seems To Have Been Bricked In 1 Min

    Ok I'll buy some brand new Duracell or Energizer Alkalines tommorow and test it.
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    Brand New Gp2x Seems To Have Been Bricked In 1 Min

    Just tried a Duracell and 1800 NiMH I had lying around. Both had some charge. With them. The screen is just white all the time. Or there are a couple lines at the top. Let me guess, bricked?