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    Nlove 0.7.0 Final (Love2D) For Dingoo & Caanoo

    Nice :) THX SiENcE
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    Gnu Robbo For Caanoo

    Many THX CyprianZ ;) :lol: Caanoo
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    Qt 4.7.1 For Caanoo

    Hallo, i found a Youtube Player for QT, but the videos (only a black screen) doesnt work :( Youtube Player
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    Aurora Browser

    Hallo, I have the same problem, 10% and then it shows "Failed to load " :(
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    Gph Quake

    TV-OUT Support works (the framerate is a little bit slower, but great) ! Thanks a lot ! Rikku2000 for your nice work. :)
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    TV Out Kabel Caanoo/Wiz !!

    :-??? Servus, das aufladen mit dem Tv Out Kabel funktioniert bei mir, hab schon mehrmals meinen Caanoo damit aufgeladen :-) , das Tv Out Kabel ist bei mir sogar passgenauer als das im Lieferumfang enthaltene Kabel vom Caanoo (es hatt einen Wackelkontakt <_< ).
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    :rotfl: Vielen Dank Rikku2000
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    Pcsx4All For Caanoo Leaked At Openhandhelds

    :o sorry Rikku2000, many thanks for your hard work Vielen Dank :) Dragon
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    Pcsx4All Caanoo Beta Testing Results

    Yes I agree to ruffnutts, many thanks to Franxis,Chui and Khan for their hard work merry christmas to all ;) Dragon
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    Pcsx4All Caanoo Beta Testing Results

    :rolleyes: my english You must press the joystick down and at the same time powerful turn Dragon
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    Pcsx4All Caanoo Beta Testing Results

    Hallo, ruffnutts i had the same problem with the joystick, but its gone since i push and circle the joystick at the same time (strong) :D ) sorry for my bad english :ph34r: I hope I was of help to you ;) Dragon
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    Free Music For Games That Will Be Released

    Hi, really nice music :)
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    Pcsx4All Caanoo Beta Testing Results

    Firmware: 1.5.0 PCSX4All: Build 18.12.2010 Gran Turismo 1 (Pal) Format: .img clock: 750 mhz Ram Tweaks: on Frame-Limit: off frame-skip: 0 (video) Interlace: off Sound: on (basic) Cpu clock: 100% Cpu Bias: Auto Cpu Core: HLE-Secure Cpu Type: auto Playable without graphic glitches, Ingame 28/50...