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    Pyra News: Springs are brilliant!

    Damn, I‘m still waiting for the pyra as my new bad ass handheld. But it‘s taking so long. I am part of the community for nearly 9 years now, but I still can‘t show patience.
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    Re: Verkaufe GP2X F100 First Edition & OpenPandora <t>Gar keine Preisvorstellung? Für nichts von beidem?</t>
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    Pandora charging issues

    Guys, wrong alarm. It was just a broken charger. :'-) Gesendet von meinem G8441 mit Tapatalk
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    Pandora charging issues

    Since yesterday, I am a Pandora owner, again. Unfortunatly, the device does not charge without problems. I am sure (not a 100%), it charged yesterday after I turned the device on. But today, I can't charge it. The led does not light up. I currently can only charge the device via USB, but thats...
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    GPD XD 2 Plus - a small review

    I don't have the Pandora next to me right now. On wednesday, I will compare bothon thursday :) The general performance is better, if you use a proper emulator. So, I think I may can say, that PSX runs pretty well. I've tested some more today. FPSE is a good emulator for PSX games. Spyro, FFIV...
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    GPD XD 2 Plus - a small review

    Not at all. I wrote my review after I played with the Play Store emulators. Gesendet von meinem G8441 mit Tapatalk
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    GPD XD 2 Plus - a small review

    Really, maybe I judge the performance to hard. But for me, the N64 wasn't, for example, as well playable as PSX on the Rebirth Pandora. And thats what I require. I think the Pyra with an optimized emulator, will do a good job. I pray to the god of retro gaming. Please, make the Pyra the next...
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    New GCW-ZERO website

    May I ask, what your relationship with the GCW Zero is? Are you the developer?
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    Introduce yourself

    Hi, my name is Jan, I am 24 years old, coming from germany. Why am I here? I've started with the open handheld stuff in late 2010, when I've got my first linux experience with a shitty Hercules e-Cafe EC 800-H20G/S. Damn, that thing was a pain in this ass. No proper driver for any operating...
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    Pyra Prototype Videos - Askarus Edition

    Is there any chance to get some more videos @Askarus ? Some webbrowsing maybe?
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    GPD XD 2 Plus - a small review

    Good morning guys, with this post, I do my first step into the english board. Why now? I was just a reader, not a writer. Now I have something to say. Yesterday, I've received my GPD XD+. I was really really excited, because I do love handhelds from the bottom of my heart. Some years ago...
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    zu Verkaufen - Analogue Interactive CMVS Walnussholz

    Hätte auch gern Infos!
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    Diverse Konsolen, 8Bit - 32Bit

    Hallo Leute, verzeiht mir meine fehlende Rückmeldung. Also das Intellivision ist leider gar nichts für mich, da muss ich passen!^^ Gruß Jan