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    The Pyra Video Suggestions Thread

    There's no opposition, the only difference is the directory on the card to drop the file. Installing software on the pyra is as simple as on the pandora. I doubt a video of someone copying a file on an sdcard is that interesting ;)
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    Charging fault diagnosis (BQ24297 register dump)

    Nothing stop you to create an account on that gitlab instance and create your own fork there That would be more usefull for packaging later on :)
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    Yeah ! there should be only one Mrs snake clone with a silly name with a random chain of letters
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    Repo upload fails

    @EvilDragon @milkshake ping ? EDIT: the file archive is still working as far as I know, until this issue is resolved, you may use the FA.
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    DBP repository

    Part of the upload process for package description (as there's no field for this in the package entry). For apps, untranslated "Comment" will be used by default as description, on 1rst upload. But you'll still be able to change this later from the repo edit pages.
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    Pyra DBP repository (dev talk)

    I've replied your question in the talk page and tried to make it more readable in the article. Beside, I've finished what I wanted to put in there and documented the screenshots options for the repo
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    DBP repository

    Hi there, (necro-posting again ? :p) So I just updated the repo (if you had issues with the repo in last 10mn, that was me :p). Changes : - Upgraded slim to v3 - Upgraded d3 to v5 - Added support for screenshot within the dbp (see here for more info) EDIT: Known issues : all the graphs are...
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    Which software do you miss on Pyra?

    Never used it xD Probably never will either. It's still some MS crap I dont want to touch even with 20ft pole
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    Which software do you miss on Pyra?

    MS provide a linux client for teams since over a year now
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    Are general pyra users allowed accounts on ?

    my account there is old now. You should be able to create an account, just like everyone else. There's no definition of "core developer". Anyone willing to contribute is welcome. EDIT: @EvilDragon you might want to have a look there
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    Torvalds Warns the World: Don't Use the Linux 5.12-rc1 Kernel

    s/FUD/experience/ there I fixed that for you. Got the issue once on a production server. I wasnt particularly happy about this. My clients and users even less...
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    Torvalds Warns the World: Don't Use the Linux 5.12-rc1 Kernel

    You're lucky enough to never had decryption issues at boot time. You're lucky. But your good luck doesnt mean everyone will be that lucky. Have a google search. It's not as if it wasn't usual. So lets make thing clean. Say you're encrypting the whole system (excluding /boot or not), then if you...
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    Torvalds Warns the World: Don't Use the Linux 5.12-rc1 Kernel

    Yep, exactly *stupid* device are encrypted by default. It's stupid since it does have a performance impact and 99% of what you encrypt doesn't worth protection. Smart stuff use encryption wisely Speak for yourself. I'm not. I'm a retrogamer, like pretty much everyone here. Yup, I like my...
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    Torvalds Warns the World: Don't Use the Linux 5.12-rc1 Kernel

    Nothing stop you from making an encrypted partition of an sdcard (or the whole card) to store sensitive data. I'm only arguing it should not be the default to encrypt the whole system. Seriously, what's the point in encrypting /usr or /opt ? none since it only contain free(software) stuff. But...
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    Torvalds Warns the World: Don't Use the Linux 5.12-rc1 Kernel

    I clearly disagree. The most sensible data I'm going to have on my pyra will be ... my game saves. No need to crypt this. I never understound this vision "everything should be encrypted secure and stuff" It's only worth it *if* you have data to secure, else all you do is reduce your performance...