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    a journey with the pyra

    Nobody replied here. Great, let's make this thread a blog then :p Now that supertux is done. Let's tacke something a little more challanging. (still withing my container see post#1) I forgot to say something in the previous episode. You get the end result documented here. Obviously, there are...
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    Release Retroarch

    Hi there, This is the retroarch initial packaging for pyra. It run using the SGX, so it's normally GPU accelerated. It only come with few cores (21). But more can be downloaded from the official buildbot. Enjoy
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    Release SuperTux

    issue fixed... "Package Entry" have to go after "Desktop Entry"... geez... I have updated my "a journey" thread. And some doc on the wiki.
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    Release SuperTux

    It was always available :P sudo apt install supertux gl4es supertux This dbp is only if you dont want to clog your system with over 200M of stuff :P Most debian games I tried this way works. There's already plenty games available
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    Release SuperTux

    Indeed I have the same issue. It's a packaging one. No clue how to fix this... yet...
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    Release SuperTux

    Having the old dbp as an other name still somewhere ? What does say : dbp-run supertux_sebt3
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    a journey with the pyra

    To tell the truth, it's not my first day with a pyra, far from it. About a week ago I received my "proto" from ED's salvation process. It's pretty much an other device. My charging issues are gone. I have speakers ! (thanks heir dragon :) Now the device feel like it should be: robust and...
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    Release SuperTux

    Done, on the repo now
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    Legal question: Releasing software anonymously?

    mGBA crerator didnt use a license that requiere to be credited. Too bad for him... He should have used BSD 3-clauses instead of MPL :P
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    COVID-19 / Coronavirus Pandemic

    Sputnik V is a traditionnal vaccine (but not yet ready). the other 2 are not exactly that... At least they are somewhat efficient unlike the ARN-based one(s)
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    Wally's Testing Thread

    Well one is guide the other one intend to be the reference. It's not exactly the same goal. Both worth reading ;)
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    SDL 1.2 fullscreen position fix

    Or set Ouzle as maintainer ;) (go to the package edit page :, then select ouzle as maintainer)
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    Release SuperTux

    as matzesu said, this is kind of unsurprising. this dbp is about 4 years old. I plan on having a modern (this one is very old) version up and running once my proto is back home ;)
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    The Pyra Video Suggestions Thread

    There's no opposition, the only difference is the directory on the card to drop the file. Installing software on the pyra is as simple as on the pandora. I doubt a video of someone copying a file on an sdcard is that interesting ;)
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    Charging fault diagnosis (BQ24297 register dump)

    Nothing stop you to create an account on that gitlab instance and create your own fork there That would be more usefull for packaging later on :)