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  • ok, own up, who was breached? why do spammers have my full name, including my middle (which i dont think ive EVER put on a web form)
    Wanna take drink through the airprt sec? Just needed a reciept and delayed flight explanation.. why bother with the stupid rules at all?
    seems much more vulnerable to use that than PIN style. also, if the display is greasy, you can even see where the pattern crosses! FAIL!
    Love the fact it is streamed, but BSides Chicago is totally inaudible for me. Totally forgot it will well overrun the rents b/w lims too :(
    its not a proper script, ill sort it once exams are done, maybe. requires manual input (sorry) also untested.. :$
    Will be scripting a lastfm "love" and "ban" key for ubuntu in the coming weeks. these assignments are coming in useful after all..
    of course-i dont have windows, but he trusts me with VNC access to his comp. even asked not to look in cert places&fb was open! woah..
    Im staying purely cos its a foothold, but you are right.95% of my learning is outside the course.. But formal teaching would be a great help
    pasted (noticed before sending) a drive by download link in the wrong conversation window..one of those very nearly horribly awkward moments
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