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  • I have way too many "one-off" scripts in my current job. If I spend a little time trying to generalize these scripts I may save work later
    One thing I hate about begining of semester times is the influx of emails for students. "sing at iowa", "play in a band", bah!
    Behind me is a can: "Radioactive Decontaminant Hand Cleaner: gentle foaming formula removes radiation from hands without irritation". um...
    #Git cloning can be done really easily on "changing" hosts by editing .ssh/config and adding a directive in there instead of each git repo
    Thinking about getting a hand-built desk to replace my one at home. Would be a lot more minimalist for what I want. Wood desk.
    I think I'm finally starting to get a handle on the way references, arrays, hashes and all that work in #perl. A bit of a learning curve.
    gah so much pushback for a department calendar..."No one is going to use it!" - seriously? How about know when people are out....
    a pile of cookies in the commons area in MERF - no one around. My inner Ackbar is crying out "It's a trap!"
    Total time loading and deleting indexes: 1 hour, 10 minutes and 19 seconds. Total time searching indexes: 0 hour, 0 minutes and 1 seconds.
    yay for feeling horrible. This test, plus other stresses is giving me a cold. Hopefully this final will be done tonight, so I can relax.
    An 18 gig sqlite file of sequences...took over a week to generate - at least it only takes a minute or so to query.
    Have to give a surprise presentation on Wednesday...yay, oh..and my class's final project..double yay.
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