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    Mobile Internet

    Try the 3 mifi dongle. Its like a wireless router and you dont need to connect it to the Pandora (thus saving battery power) The 3 Huawei 160 dongle may be tricky to get to work as it has a self install program for windows - I couldn't get it to work with Linux on a web book without downloading...
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    Mifi Dongle

    Did a speed test on this today and upload is 1.5mb according to (on 3 network) and around 3mb download. Not bad considering I have 20meg virgin broadband and get 0.75 upload on that. Does anyone know if the pandora o/s will scan for wifi networks or will it be command line? Reason...
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    Mifi Dongle

    Good review - I wouldnt have realised I was looking for one of these until it was made clear that it works by wifi and so is Linux compatible.The one I got is the Huawei E5830.. Dont know how good it is yet as it has a 12 hour initial charge. Nice size though.. Gonna have to do some searching as...
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    Mifi Dongle

    Mifi is a portable wireless router available from 3 and Vodafone. you stick your sim card in it and it connects to the mobile network. You can then connect upto 5 devices to it wirelessly. So that means you dont need a linux compatible mobile dongle. You just connect to this device via the wifi...
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    Free DOS

    Hi, does anyone know if this will run on pandora? apparently its a fully fdledged windows compatible operating system..
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    google o/s - will it or wont it?

    "It's been an exciting nine months since we launched the Google Chrome browser. Already, over 30 million people use it regularly. We designed Google Chrome for people who live on the web - searching for information, checking email, catching up on the news, shopping or just staying in touch with...
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    google o/s - will it or wont it?

    Inevitable question really. The planned google o/s is said to be initially for netbooks running x86 and ARM archtecture. So do you recon that includes Pandora? I presume that with it being open source, it will be free? Although if it's by Google there will probably be ads.
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    Red Dwarfe

    Ok I'm drunk. And chips will probably close this as soon as he sees it. But Ive just notices that in the Uk on channel Dave (freeview) 9pm on Monday, there are 3 new episodes of |Red Dwarfe! Thats like better than the return of Christ!
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    Let''s Make Up Pandora Marketing Slogans!

    Open Pandora - think outside the box ...
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    Web Browser

    yeah i know it firefox, but it would be good to see how the 4.3 screen displays a full web page, cos on the psp you could only view part of the page and would have to move the joypad round to view it all..
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    Web Browser

    Im currenty studying a cisco network course, and a big excuse for buying Pandora is to be able to access the online courses and view them on Pandoras webbrowser whilst on lunch breaks at work etc. Is there any chance of seeing the pandora web browser in action in a blog video, so I can get an...
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    Mushroom Kingdom Fusion

    This game looks cool! I know this isnt the right place, but anyone know if this would run, or is available for cfw psp's?
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    Gps Dongles

    Would be good if we new one device that would definanateley work with Pandora (not just gps device) to be able to standardise it for usability. I know some of you will say why standardise when its all open source etc etc, but I think for something like gps it would be useful as I am sure there...
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    Windows On An Sd Card

    sorry for this but ... ??????? LOL
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    Windows On An Sd Card

    found this article on the web Does anyone know if it would be possible to do the same with Pandora with an older version of windows or xp? Tried searching for a relevant post but couldnt find one...