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    Should I Get One And Why ?.whats All The Fuss

    I don't want a Wiz as the button layout looks poor yet again, and the Pandora does not appeal to me at all, so this does look like an ideal GP2x replacement. Can anyone say if the battery life really the 7 hours advertised? How easy will it be to replace the battery or get a higher capacity...
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    Should I Get One And Why ?.whats All The Fuss

    I'm also an old GP2x owner who is very tempted by this. I lost my first (dpad modded) GP2x and the second one I bought mysteriously stopped working (it just gives a white screen) so I only have my old faithful GP32 left but this is only really good for 8-bit emulation. I don't want a Wiz as the...
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    Malware On

    This is problem is still around. Are there any plans to fix the main site?
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    I Will Wait The Day When A Gp2x Wiz With Oled 3.5'' Screen Wi

    What are the actual width and height measurements in centimetres?
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    Top 20 Games For Each System

    There is a remake of Cyclone by Quirky for the GBA, and a very good one it is too. You can play it on your GP2x using the GBA emulator.
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    Top 20 Games For Each System

    Here is a list for the ZX Spectrum, assuming you have no ZX Spectrum previous experience. Many of the best Spectrum games at the time have not aged well, and even at the time it was understood that there were a lot of rubbish games about. Some games are still great but are not easy for the...
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    What Games Are Currently On Your Gp2x's Sd Card?

    I always keep: Slueth Slots Football Manager Knight Lore Reword Cave Story
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    Snes For The Wiz

    I don't think it works quite like that. Anyway, I am fairly confident the Wiz will run SNES games full speed. I am not so sure about PS1 but I expect many games will be very playable.
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    Mortality Rate Of My Handhelds

    I sometimes lose them. I left: - a GameBoy Color (which had been modded to include an internal light) on a plane - a GBA (with an extra capacity battery, official case, and several games) at an airport - A DaveC modded dpad GP2x on a coach (I am still gutted about this, as my replacement GP2x...
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    The Wiz Gets Proper Buttons And A 3.5mm Headphone Jack

    I think this is great news, like everyone else, and I will be buying one if it happens. I am surprised that GPH are happy to make such a significant design change so close to launch and estimate it will only add 30 days to the launch timetable, and so I am half inclined to think the changes may...
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    Gp2xpectrum 1.7.2 With Usb Keyboard Support!

    Thanks Metalbrain! Do you have any future enhancements for GP2xpectrum planned? The improvements are getting pretty specialised now. I have never actually tried any Spectrum disk games, I mainly play 48k tape images. Can anyone recommend any good multi-disk games?
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    Picodrive 1.51

    Amazing work! This really is the GP2x's flag ship app. Thanks for all your hard work.
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    Albion Icon?

    Thanks Gruso!
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    Albion Icon?

    Some great icons here. The apps I am missing icons for are: Football Manager GP2xChess Descent 2x Has anyone produced any for these?