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    Neo Geo auf der GCW Zero

    Jetzt wird's etwas technisch, ist aber notwendig. ;) Bei den Arcade Emulatoren unterscheiden sich die ROMs meist leider von Version zu Version. Du brauchst letztlich die "richtigen" ROM (oder BIOS) Dateien, damit das Spiel läuft. Ich habe sogenannte DAT Files hochgeladen, wo haargenau...
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    Neo Geo auf der GCW Zero

    Im Neo Geo BIOS ( müssen die "richtigen" BIOS Dateien vorhanden sein. Hier ist ersichtlich, was die einzelnen BIOS Dateien bedeuten... Meine beiden GCW0s sind zwar gerade ausser Haus, aber hier ist der...
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    Emulatoren für den GCW

    Und hier gibt's eine Liste mit allen Releases...
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    Latest Revisions

    You can use the emu pack to have the base structure with all ini files, icons and titles. And then update the emulators according to the thread above. This is the easiest way to install the latest versions.
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    Latest Revisions

    Check this thread...
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    Does Anyone Have A Base Folder Setup For The Caanoo

    Here we go...,0,0,0,5,696   And here the updates for gpSP, PCSX ReARMed and PicoDrive...  ...
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    Can I Charge My Caanoo And Wiz With The Same Usb Cable?

    You pulled up a 3 years old thread. :o   However, you can use the Wiz cable for both. But you can't use the Caanoo cable for the Wiz. I only use the Wiz cable since many years. Try it out.
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    Picodrive Revival (1.91) - Gp2X/wiz/caanoo Version

    We are still alive. Thanks Notaz. :) I have a couple of Android devices. But build quality is so bad in most cases, that I still prefer my GPH handhelds (and the Pandora of course).
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    Emulator Version Updates

      I just quickly tested some games. Didn't recognize a difference on Caanoo/Wiz (only minor changes since 7.2.0 according to readme). But on GP2X, there is a substantial performance improvement, compared to version 6.4.5 from the archive.     I'm just using the standard menu. But thanks for your...
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    Emulator Version Updates

    Thanks for the info BAF. And thanks for update Bitrider. B)   Just updated my Caanoo, Wiz and GP2X with this new version.   Remarks   - The version number displayed in the emulator still shows 7.2.0 - The GP2X version does not terminate on exit, need to power off the console (happens on F100 and...
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    Star Castle On Mame4All On Gp2X Wiz

    I actually don't know this game, but there seems to be trick to get it working... - in the game, open the MAME menu (SELECT+MENU) - goto "Auto-Fire" - now just "Return to Main Menu" - and "Return to Game" ...and voilà, you should have a picture. :) PS: This game requires a sample for sound...
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    [Caanoo] Mame4All Bucky O'hare Not Working?

    MAME4ALL is based on MAME 0.37b5, which does not support Bucky O'Hare. Here's the list of supported games... PS: It's not supported by FBA either.
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    Release Emu EX Plus Alpha ported to the Pandora

    No problem on Android.
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    Release Emu EX Plus Alpha ported to the Pandora

    I tested the following combinations (SMD Good Set ROMs)... Sonic 1 (W), Game Region (E), PAL Sonic 1 (W), Game Region (U), NTSC Sonic 1 (W), Game Region (J), NTSC Sonic 3 (E), Game Region (Auto), PAL Sonic 3 (U), Game Region (Auto), NTSC Sonic 3 (J), Game Region (Auto), NTSC The tearing...