DinguxCommander for GP2X Wiz

DinguxCommander for GP2X Wiz 2.1.1

the existing entry doesn't have a download link so I recompiled and reuploaded. enjoy, if there even is anyone else still using the wiz in 2024 :^)

text from readme follows:

DinguxCommander for GP2X Wiz

Controls (file browser)
o D-pad         Move
                  - Up/down: through file list
                  - Left/right: between panels
o L/R           Page up/down
o B             Open a file/directory
                  - For a directory: open
                  - For a file: view or execute
o X             Cancel / go to parent directory
o A             Select highlighted item.
                Selected items are displayed in red.
o Y             Open highlighted directory in other panel.
                If a file is highlighted,
                open current directory in other panel.
o MENU          Open the System Menu:
                  - Select all items
                  - Select no items
                  - Create new directory
                  - Display disk information (seems to hang on wiz)
                  - Quit program
o SELECT        Open the Context Menu (actions on selected items):
                  - Copy to destination directory in other panel
                    (will take a long time for large files but does finish)
                  - Move to destination directory in other panel
                  - Rename (appears only if 1 item is selected)
                  - Delete
                  - Display disk used


DinguxCommander is a file manager originally for Dingoo (Dingux), ported to GP2X Wiz.
It uses two vertical panels side by side, one being the source and the other the
destination, like many 'commander-style' file managers such as Norton Commander
or Midnight Commander.
DinguxCommander allows to:
    o Copy, move and delete multiple files.
    o View a file
    o Execute a file
    o Rename a file or directory
    o Create a new directory
    o Display disk space used by a list of selected files/dirs
    o Display disk information (used, available, total)


As usual:

o Extract the archive, keeping the directory structure
o Copy the `DinguxCommander-wiz` directory and its contents plus the
  `dinguxcommander.ini` file to the `/game/` directory on your SD card
  (so `/game/dinguxcommander.ini` and `/game/DinguxCommander-wiz/`)


2024-02-24 : 'Version 2.1.1' :^)
             - GP2X Wiz support
             - button mapping more wiz-appropriate (B = OK, X = cancel, etc)

2020-07-29 : GP2X port by romanaFour

2011-03-09 : Version 2.1
             - Rename a file/dir
             - Create new dir
             - Minor fixes

2011-02-16 : Version 2.0
             - Execute file
             - View file
             - Disk information
             - Disk used by a list of selected files/dirs
             - New button mapping
             - Small fixes

2011-02-05 : Version 1.0 : Initial version.


Homepage:      http://beyondds.free.fr/
Development:   Mia
Font:          Beycan Çetin
GP2X port:     romanaFour
GP2X Wiz port: j0e.uk
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