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Journey to the Center of the Earth 1.0 Final Release

The game is a 2D adventure/platformer, at this moment it includes two stages, the goal of first stage is to find the cave entrance that lets you to go to the Center of the Earth. there are several dangers in the six levels of stage 1.

The goal in the second stage is to fight your way inside the volcano to reach the center of the Earth... but Darkness, Aracnes, lava, high falls and other type of dangers makes your way near to impossible.

The second Stage is a huge
labyrinth with +/- 600 screens, and you have 30 minutes of fuel in each character lamp, with the lamp off you cannot see far.

Not all is bad, you have three characters with different abilities, weapons
and tools to make the way a bit more easy. remember, there are not impossible situations, each situation is designed for one character. You need to do a good strategy to reach each stage goal.

A detailed .pdf instructions manual is included inside manual folder.

Good luck and enjoy!
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