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    Selling my Pandora Rebirth Edition

    It's with a heavy heart that I've had to list my Pandora on eBay to cover some recent bills.  As you all know this is a brilliant device and it will be sorely missed.  I tend to take excellent care of my electronics and this unit is no different.  It does have the typical cosmetic flaws of the...
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    US buyer looking for pandora.

    I have a rebirth edition that I'm getting ready to post to ebay... though I'm hoping for a little more than $300 since I need to offload a spare battery with it as well.  Let me know if you're interested.
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    PanMAME suddenly won't display any roms

    Ahh thanks Asmo and mcobit for helping me troubleshoot this. I'm going to try another reflash then with the working files just to be sure I didn't bork anything with my latest unsuccessful flash. Thanks for the link Asmo. Mcobit I will happily be your guinea pig on PanMAME if there is...
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    PanMAME suddenly won't display any roms

    Just tried to do a full reflash. To my horror I got an update failed message, but it looks like the update just skipped every step since I'm already running kernel 3.2. That's just my guess... I truly don't know whether to be concerned over that or not. Waiting for the genius to check back...
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    PanMAME suddenly won't display any roms

    Okay, here are the results of what I did this afternoon. The following steps I did on Kernel 3.2. 1. Removed PanMAME once more. Deleted the appdata folder once more. Put it back on the card and after the initial setup screen I got the "No game matches the type selection for AdvanceMAME."...
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    PanMAME suddenly won't display any roms

    I will try all of these suggestions and report back today. I did delete the entire panmame appdata folder though, so in regards to the hidden folder shouldn't that have been deleted with it? In any case thanks for the advice guys!
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    PanMAME suddenly won't display any roms

    So it's been about a month or two since I fired up PanMAME. (Hard to believe I know, but I've been burning up the games on PCSX) Anyway, I go to PanMAME today and when it loads the screen says "No game matches the type selection for AdvanceMAME." I've gone through all the menus trying to go...
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    Using Pandora as phone replacement?

    That's the third time you've said you were deleting your account and leaving the community... Really wish you would just go ahead and take care of that. Insulting people who are genuinely try to be helpful is no way to foster the professional/technical environment you are seeking, and clearly...
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    Zelda OOT in Mupen

    Mcobit to the rescue!!! I think I did this right. To be a bit more literal with your advice, I changed the Framebuffer width/height to 400 x 240 and auto frameskip to 0. Seems to be running much better now thanks! If there are any other tweaks please let me know. I know getting it...
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    Zelda OOT in Mupen

    Hey guys, I was hoping someone who has Zelda OOT running smoothly in Mupen could give me some pointers on recommended Pandora settings to get this to work. I am currently running the latest build of Mupen, I've turned my Pandora up to Opp5 @ 900mhz and this game is still utterly choppy. I've...
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    Release SuperZaxxon Final released!

    Can't wait to get home and install this. Woohoo! Someone asked earlier about reinstalling the community codec pack. Will a new install of those codecs be required?
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    Speech in Ur-Quan Masters

    Is there some trick to getting speech to work in Ur-Quan masters? I swear I had it working two months ago... I think I updated the pnd once since then but that is it, all the data files are the same. Does speech just not work on the current version? Thanks.
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    What are you playing this weekend/these days?

    Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past Never played it before....
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    Desperate for a GemRB guide

    Downloading the older GemRB worked like a charm. Still having some difficulties getting Icewind Dale to load up, but I haven't played with moving the data around from the data folder. I'll try that this morning!
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    Desperate for a GemRB guide

    Awesome. Will try the archived version and report back.
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    Desperate for a GemRB guide

    So I've read just about every thread the has been written recently on GemRB and I still cannot get this program to work properly for me. First off I recently purchased the DND Master Collection from Atari which has every playable GemRB game included within it. I have copied each game's folder...
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    She's Back!

    Yes, according to the inside battery panel this is a rebirth edition. I have 48GB of Pandora stuff on two cards now and there is still more to load!
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    She's Back!

    After nearly a year on RMA, riding the ups and down of the rough surf caused by CircuitCo, the crown jewel of my nerd gadgets is back! My Pandora arrived on my doorstep late Wednesday evening. It is the sweetest feeling imaginable. I already wrote a review forever and a day ago, but I...
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    Fancied having a do with GemRB... ?

    BOUGHT! And I was about to pay $9.99 on GOG for Icewind Dale alone! Thanks Cab for the awesome find!
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    A daily report from the Rebirth

    Now it's officially the Pandora afterbirth.... I'll get started on a logo. Wait.................. I think I had better not.