Desperate for a GemRB guide


Aug 13, 2009
So I've read just about every thread the has been written recently on GemRB and I still cannot get this program to work properly for me. First off I recently purchased the DND Master Collection from Atari which has every playable GemRB game included within it. I have copied each game's folder from my PC to the appropriate folder within the gemrb folder in appdata. (iwd, bg1, bg2, pst) This allows me to boot all these games with the exception of Icewind Dale, however I cannot get past the character generation screen in any of them. In all of them I click the accept button and then nothing happens.... Clearly this is the game looking for a file that is not where it is supposed to be. Many threads I have read suggest moving files from within the Data folder to the root folder for these games, which I have done to no avail. If any of you have these games working can you please give a dumbed-down version of what you did you get it to run? User error on my part is almost assuredly the problem here, but I just can't seem to dig up accurate information on where files are supposed to go. Thanks much!
known error in latest gemrb for pandora, try earlier version, just click on the archive button on its repo page
Downloading the older GemRB worked like a charm. Still having some difficulties getting Icewind Dale to load up, but I haven't played with moving the data around from the data folder. I'll try that this morning!