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  1. urjaman

    Release SuperZaxxon v1.76 SSH Login issues

    This is the year that I booted up my pandora and realized it couldnt ssh (or be ssh'd from) modernly configured systems - which is obvious if you've been on the loop with changes to openssh, those RSA algos that internally use SHA1 got replaced with ones that use SHA256 (just saying this so...
  2. urjaman

    The Caring Corner :)

    :D:p PS. Sigh.
  3. urjaman

    A little ext breakout (SMD style)

    In case you wanted something with which to interface the pandora ext port to whatever electronics that can deal with a 2.8V-output UART, i designed something :). The schematic can be viewed in the pdf thats in github, and oshpark has pcb renders at...
  4. urjaman

    A little ext breakout (SMD style)

    It provides the pandora kernel/u-boot serial port (on the pandora side it is /dev/ttyO2 on the new kernels) behind an usb to serial converter chip (ch340g). That's pretty much it. Modern linux has drivers for the usb-serial chip (named ch341-uart), and there are some cruddy windows drivers out...
  5. urjaman

    First ever Askarus newspost ;)

    I knew you were doing the pandora repairs (so i guess thats what defines recognition... atleast by one), and i appreciate what you've done. I didnt know of the other stuff though. Thanks for what you've done, and yeah dont do more than what you're happy with* :) (*That's a thing I've also...
  6. urjaman

    A little ext breakout (SMD style)

    Yeah I'm still here, but if you want a faster reply than this (ingoreis got a pm... very late), maybe use other methods than mentioning in the thread (PM me, i think that should make an email notification, or find me on irc or something...)
  7. urjaman

    A little ext breakout (SMD style)

    levi got a PM :P
  8. urjaman

    A little ext breakout (SMD style)

    Hey all, this thread has now become "urjamans ext port things" :P, but as i mentioned the simpler serial port adapter i was working on (has a ch340g usb serial chip), it's now as ready as it'll ever be, as in built and tested. This is what it looks like:
  9. urjaman

    The Caring Corner :)

    This is a good post, and I've lately found out that I should've read this earlier... I wasnt as accepting of others in life as i thought i was. I'm working on it, but it might be too late.
  10. urjaman

    The What Music Are You Listening To Thread

    @Løra - I cannot challenge moonwolf in his epicness, really, but i guess thats not even the point here, exactly. lyrics for that:
  11. urjaman

    A little ext breakout (SMD style)

    They made "one-off" huge ext boards for that... look it up in the wiki. (with IIRC an RS232 conversion chip that could understand the 1.8V logic and 2.8V power... expensive chips those). Anyways I have a FT232RL circuit that i've proven works for pandora-uart to usb (for PC to debug with)...
  12. urjaman

    A little ext breakout (SMD style)

    With oshpark offering a 0.8mm pcb service, it is actually possible to have really cheap breakouts (of whatever style you want) to go with the (relatively pricey) ext connectors, but anyways posting this to show the one i designed: ($1.25 for 3, pick...
  13. urjaman

    Bugs and Calculations

    And I'd think like >50% of those would be able to upgrade an unit even if it had the eMMC / RAM already installed ...
  14. urjaman

    (U-)Booting & such stuff

    I cant be bothered to find the ancient appropriate threads, and i think this info should be better available anyhows... Firstly, yeah i think the MLO in my rescue images is an old one built for CCs (it boots a rebirth but w/ 256M of RAM....). The thing is that i cant be bothered to actually...
  15. urjaman

    SuperZaxxon v1.73 - maintenance release

    Ok, so this has nothing to do with this specific release, I'm just not going to make a thread for one post and forget thing. EDIT: I Apparently cannot make that a link, it just becomes a MEDIA=gist thing that doesnt seem to work atleast for...
  16. urjaman

    Some thoughts about the board

    I have to stop and say that for me, you're wrong. But I think maybe you're right for the community. Sad. Also, I think I've effectively done what Ziz did now, so Hi and Bye again :P (I'm around elsewhere, but not on the boards that much anymore.)
  17. urjaman

    A possible PND-system replacement

    I was expecting more like a flat-file db on tmpfs of the exported wrappers. An alternative would be to have a tmpfs folder that contains all of them and only all of them and just nuke it on daemon start. -- But I'm okay with you not breaking that meta / binary (=zip/sqfs) barrier :P...
  18. urjaman

    A possible PND-system replacement

    Unrelated, but an idea.... so sorry for armchair dreaming here. So... you're (or are planning to) "spawning" shell wrapper scripts for command-line things and rm'ing them as the db's leave? [NB. 1 make that place a tmpfs in the final version... just a /bin folder thats in the path but also is...