(U-)Booting & such stuff


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Jan 6, 2009
I cant be bothered to find the ancient appropriate threads, and i think this info should be better available anyhows...

Firstly, yeah i think the MLO in my rescue images is an old one built for CCs (it boots a rebirth but w/ 256M of RAM....).
The thing is that i cant be bothered to actually test this small rescue image made with the new MLO (I did use it with my big SD partition fine)...
I'll let just somebody else do it (and i only have a rebirth anyways), so new filename:

Usage is something like:
bunzip2 -c rescue-mini-2.img.bz2 | dd of=/dev/your-sd-card bs=32k
wget http://openpandora.org/firmware/fullflash/SuperZaxxon174.zip
sync, eject and re-attach the SD card or something... get the partition detected, and mount the filesystem
and unzip the full flash on it too,
and boot the pandora with the SD card in the left slot and holding START and right shoulder, then select boot from SD1 ...

PS. The u-boot in that rescue image is from the SZ 1.74 fullflash kit. And thats about what it has: a proper partitioning, MLO and u-boot.bin written in the correct order ("cp MLO mount-point; sync; cp u-boot...")

-- okay if you only wanted to rescue your pandora, stop reading here --

Part 2: u-boot 2016
This thing seems to actually run, so go and test if you fancy (i forced git to take the binary too, so there's an u-boot.bin...),
especially on an 1ghz would be mildly interesting.
How to test? Make an SD like above, but you can skip the fullflash, and replace the u-boot.bin,
and boot like described there but dont boot from SD1 but maybe mess with the lcd&keyboard console support or whatever.
To see you booted the different thing, the boot menu is noticeably different :p

Known things that dont work: booting the 2.6.27 kernel - i will not bother with fixing that, but if you figure it out (=have working patch), i'll consider a github pull request :)

Part 3: public message to hns ;)
http://git.goldelico.com/?p=gta04-kernel.git;a=shortlog;h=refs/heads/letux-4.5 <- this thing has things like
"DT: openpandora: venc fix"...
So, did you actually boot it on a pandora (for a minimal definition of atleast serial output...)? *how?
I end up with "Starting kernel..." and no further output, even on the serial port.
Description of what i did + the end of log:
*just describe your config here, i want this thread as technical as possible :p