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  1. Cthulhu32

    Leather Case For Caanoo

    I've got this one, works really well. Its pho-leather but it fits the Caanoo perfectly.
  2. Cthulhu32

    Screenshots Of Caanoo Apps

    It might be possible to run a daemon in the background that grabs all of the memory from the frame buffer and dumps it to an image when a corresponding key-press occurs. But I don't think one exists right now, if I get some time tonight I could play around with making one.
  3. Cthulhu32

    Drpocketsnes 6.5.0 Caanoo

    1.0.7 came pre-loaded on the batch of Caanoos right before they started including the 4gb SD cards. It seemed like it was basically a beta 1.5, I downgraded mine to 1.0.6 to get a few more FPS out of every emulator.
  4. Cthulhu32

    Fc2X Alpha (Svn Revision 2)

    Phew.. about 20-25% of the way through porting over the FCEUX core to ARM assembly. The core for FCEUX is much different from Little GP32 (GPFCE's core), but there are a few ways its a bit cleaner. Unfortunately I can't release an update halfway through the CPU port because this is one of those...
  5. Cthulhu32

    Fc2X Alpha (Svn Revision 2)

    Cool, go for it :) My code is still a bit sloppy, and the joystick stuff needs a little bit of work but all the direct access stuff is there. Plus you might see even more speed increases if you're doing your writes to a secondary buffer then copying to the FB0 directly like I'm doing it. Check...
  6. Cthulhu32

    Fc2X Alpha (Svn Revision 2)

    Yeah I initially looked at porting GPFCE (it uses the FCE structure and the Little GP32 x6502 arm cpu), but I decided I wanted to turn this into a more personal challenge and try to get it running full-speed myself. You should be able to port the mappers from FCEUX, but you'd really need to...
  7. Cthulhu32

    Ajack's Menu Bar/icon Collection

    Those things look freaking great man. If you make one for my upcoming NES emulator, FC2X, I'll make it the official title/banner.
  8. Cthulhu32

    Fc2X Alpha (Svn Revision 2)

    I've only really tested the basics, Mario, Zelda, Contra, Battletoads, Castlevania 3, etc. to make sure the mappers work properly. Part of what I need tested is to see whether my game clean-up works properly or not. So try loading games, quitting, loading games, quitting, etc. If it crashes...
  9. Cthulhu32

    Fc2X Alpha (Svn Revision 2)

    Here is the first alpha release for testing of my FCEUX NES emulator port. The entire emulator is being ported fresh from scratch using the latest FCEUX 2.1.5 SVN candidate, so compatibility will be extremely high. Right now the emulator is running at about 15 fps due to absolutely no...
  10. Cthulhu32

    Proper Sound Output?

    I'm about 80% of the way to releasing an alpha version of my NES emulator, but one of the components I have not implemented yet is the sound. The FCEUX emulator generates a consistent streaming wave of all the sounds mixed together, but I have not hooked them up to any type of audio yet. I was...
  11. Cthulhu32

    Neo Geo Pcket Color Emulator?

    After I finish FC2X (FCEUX to Caanoo) I was planning to port NeoPop (non-SDL). But I'm not a full-time emulator developer, so if others are interested probably better to bug them first :)
  12. Cthulhu32

    Anyone Have Trouble With Http://

    I had a great experience with Dingoo Digital USA. The emails back were pretty fast, I was kept informed about what the current status was of my order and no problems getting it from USPS. Everything showed up great, works wonderfully so far. My version (2nd batch I think?) came with 1.0.7 which...
  13. Cthulhu32

    State Of Emulation On Caanoo

    I am currently working on my own fresh port of FCEUX to the Caanoo (not relying on older GP2X ports.) I've been bogged down by finals week for my grad school, but that officially finished for the semester yesterday. Currently I have a mini-gui to load roms from, and the games load and display...
  14. Cthulhu32

    Sdl Vs Opengl Es Vs. /dev/fb0?

    Alright, so I just played around with writing directly to the frame-buffer vs. using SDL to do all of my writes. And I have to say.. BIG fps difference. For my plasma demo, the SDL difference saw around 8.00 fps, while the straight Frame-buffer write was 8.50 fps pretty consistently. So then I...
  15. Cthulhu32

    Caanoo / WIZ Porting Games Over To The Caanoo

    If you're looking for games in particular (vs. emulators), there is a very good wikipedia page with a HUGE list of open source games. Because they are all open source, as long as the developer has the time and energy, any of those games should be possible to port to the Caanoo...
  16. Cthulhu32

    Sdl Vs Opengl Es Vs. /dev/fb0?

    I haven't finished the GL or pure Frame Buffer versions yet, but here's a quick SDL port of a plasma demo I have laying around. I also haven't had a chance to put it on real hardware yet because my Caanoo is sitting at the USPS office and I won't get it till Monday. Let me know what kind of FPS...
  17. Cthulhu32

    Sdl Vs Opengl Es Vs. /dev/fb0?

    Yeah you would think rendering a texture and pushing the GL would be close to as fast as writing to the direct frame buffer. I think having proper stretching would definitely be a perk, and its super easy to do that via texture scaling. But if I needed to, I could write directly to the frame...
  18. Cthulhu32

    Sdl Vs Opengl Es Vs. /dev/fb0?

    Yeah for an emu you gotta keep your FPS as high as possible, so every frame I'm going to be updating the frame buffer with a full write. In SDL you can just set the ->pixels() of your screen which should render itself to the frame-buffer called by flip(), but there should be a faster way to do...
  19. Cthulhu32

    Sdl Vs Opengl Es Vs. /dev/fb0?

    I'm looking at porting my own version of FCEUX (updated FCEU) over to the Caanoo, and I've been reading though a lot of other emulator developers sources. It seems to me like the preferred graphics library is SDL, which in the PC world is notorious for having slow software writes. I'm...
  20. Cthulhu32

    Taking Pre-Orders For Special 3Rd Batch Of Caanoo

    I just shot an email to your sales email as well. I wanted to see if all orders for the blue/black currently are pre-orders, or if you do have "in-stock" right now like the order page says? Also, does the current Caanoo come with an SD card already? Or is this 4gb thing special to the new 3rd...