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    Still Using Your Gp32 In 2012

    GP32 Powa! Anything for my GP32 will be welcomed! The people from gp32spain were planning a programming contest for GP32, maybe you wanna participate! Aiken
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    Caanoo Usbnetwork V-1.0

    Connect your Caanoo to your network using USB cable. You will be able to ssh/telnet into the Caanoo, or even surf the Internet using Caanoo Web Browser and the USB cable provided with your Caanoo. Step by step tutorial included. The tutorial only covers connection with a Linux PC. It works...
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    The Legend Of Sword And Fairy(Sdlpal)

    i think the savegames are not portable from one version to the other, so by now the only way is to play the full game in chinese? Or can i apply the english patch after leaving the Inn? Aiken
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    The Legend Of Sword And Fairy(Sdlpal)

    The update 1.1 download link does look like pointing to the old 1.0 download, the same file is downloaded or the exit bug is not fixed. Thaaaanks for the port! Aiken
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    Someone Has A Pandora Development?

    He is asking about this same mistery in the spanish forums and i can confirm you it has nothing to do with his english skills :D He has a SECRET PROJECT, and no skills to made it, so he is looking for a stupid mule programmer to do the hard job for free :D Aiken
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    GP32 Gp32 Sdl Eabi Version 4 Libraries

    last time i tested it i found some error related to you are saying. It crashed every time it tries to access anyfile for reading or writting. i quit trying. :( Aiken
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    GP32 Gp32 Revival Coding Compo

    WHY??? :blink: My toolchain will work forever and it is an old version. :blink: It could be easier to setup an old version enviroment, try it. I tried to setup the new toolchain and i have to agree with you, it was a terrible headache and i failed to set it up :( But i will alway have my...
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    Crocodingus In Crocoland : Demo Release

    Is it a "new" game? or just a port of the old GP32 version? Aiken
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    GP32 Sdl And Gpsdk_eabi

    try blitting an in-memory image instead of loading it, so you could dismiss it's a problem with the sdl reading functions. You could use the utility img2array (or something similar) to generate an in-memory array from a bmp or other image format. Aiken
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    How Many People Still Prefer The Gp32 To Gp2x

    I prefer GP32 because it's the "original", and it has more glamour and i have spend more time with it. But gp2x is supposed to be the future ... so loving the gp32 more is just due to i did spend more time with gp32 :D Aiken
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    Gp2x Commercial Games

    I bet no commercial games will be for launch ;) Aiken
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    Psp Homebrew Takes A Hit

    Yes, play original games :D Aiken ;)
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    Gp32 Light

    I posted one photo of the wires sometime ago in these forums, take a look for ;) Aiken
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    R.i.p. Tapwave Zodiac

    We live the battery powered devices Era ... any other battery from the same voltage could replace the original ... and everyday they are smaller so no problem to fit :D and everyday they are higher capacity too :D Aiken
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    I Can't Get Games Onto My Gp32.......

    which firmware do you have in your gp32? where do you look in the folder from? from the console or from the manager? Aiken
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    I Fixed It Again!!! And This Time For Good!!

    Here is the HiRes photo ... sorry for the delay ;) Thanks again for your help ;) Did you see something strange? <_< Aiken ;)
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    GP32 Sdl_test.c ---> Img_loadrw() ??

    Hi, In the Sdl_test.c example code ... there is a IMG_LoadRW that reads a image to a sdl_surface from an array in memory. Do you know how to convert one bmp,pcx,png into an array compatible with this function?? Do you have any working example, please??? I havent tried the old gpsdk...
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    GP32 Making Sdl Use Hardware Fp

    That's the problems, I use the precompiled version downloaded from the website ... and the last version is compiled using FP!! :) The previous precompiled version in the same website links fine ;) PD. Djwillis, sorry i missed your post ;) Aiken
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    I Fixed It Again!!! And This Time For Good!!

    I dont know how to read from L1, it always reads zero! I test it with the console switched off (i suppose that's the way), and all the components soldered to the pcb. I have just tested it with 8 pairs of batteries some rechargeables, some alcaline, alcalines are not fresh but near new, with...
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    Out Of This World

    Yes. But then you'll need the code to get you past the second level :D This game is really hard ;) Aiken