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    Script-making Tutorial?

    Thanks a lot! That should get me started on the right track.
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    Script-making Tutorial?

    Has a tutorial for script-making been created? I can't seem to find one anywhere and it seems integral to being able to enjoy the GP2X in so many ways. Can someone point us to a link or, if one does not exist, consider making a rudimentary explaination? Please?
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    Two $5 Coupons On At Least $50 Order

    Not going to use em by the time they expire. One expires Feb. 12 and the other Feb 16th.
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    Exult Gp2x Beta 4 - Important Improvements

    Great job! WOOTY! I bought this when I was a kid but didn't have a computer. I even managed to crash my friend's parents' computer by overwriting their autoexec with the boot disk for U7 :lol: Needless to say I couldn't play it on their computer anymore. :( Now I can! Thanks! If you need...
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    Exult Gp2x Beta 3 - New Year's Edition - Available

    OK, but your English is pretty darn good! --------------------------------------------- BUTTON SHORTCUTS: Joystick - Move the cursor or party, depending on control mode. A - Right click. B - Left click. X - Toggle combat. Y - Show inventory. CLICK - Show Button Configuration/Help. SELECT -...
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    Power Issues

    Well I got Fuji 2500's (actually 2300) and the charger has different slots. If all 4 batteries are in at the same time then they';ll do a slow charge. Otherwise, there're two slots for quick charge and two slots for slow charge when charged in pairs. Check for that.
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    Sound Quality From Headphones.

    Yeah I just got my GP2X and have the same problem with the headphones having to be a little way pulled out of the jack to produce sound. I think it's mono, too (but that's another story I know). Of course my kick-ass Grado headphones won't fit into the jack because of the flange on the plastic...
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    The Ur-quan Masters

    Yeah this just happened to me as well. And top triggers and diagonals for turning would be a gameplay saver on this one! When you get the chance Loki, you'd make this awesome game the ultimate!
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    New Gp2x 1.01--sound Suddenly Stopped Working...

    Thanks guys. I'll keep playing with it and see how it goes. If it keeps doing it, I'll think about sending it back. Otherwise, even with the 1.01 firmware, I'm pretty happy with it so far.
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    New Gp2x 1.01--sound Suddenly Stopped Working...

    I just got my unit from PlayAsia (on Christmas no less!!). I thought it would already have firmware 1.1 installed but came with 1.01 instead. Well everything was peachy. I installed a bunch of groovy stuff on the sd card. Last night before bed I was playing UQ Masters. When I woke up this...