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    Mame4all Gp2x 1.4

    Thanks for the update. Anyone manage to get Star Castle to show graphics? Also is there anyway to clean up the graphics on game like Asteroids? They looked better on the MameGP2X. Everything else I tried looked and run GREAT!
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    Pool Panic

    I keep getting booted back to main menu on GP2X. I tried running from root and folder Running F100 with firmware 4.10 Anyone else have issues with F100 on 4.1FW?
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    Boulders Released

    That is a tough game. Takes some time to get used to but I think it will be a keeper after I play it some more. One suggestion, how about changing the RED or BROWN rocks to a different color, they look too much like each other on my GP2X at least.
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    Gp2x F100 Stuck On Load Up Screan

    It sounds like you did not fully brick yours. I would try to reflash to FW 2.0 again. If you can not get it to upgrade back to 2.0 you will need to get a cradel or jtag board. If you have a cradel send me a PM and I will set you up with the software you need. If you are in the USA and can...
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    Unbricking The Gp2x

    I had to do mine 5 or 6 tmes B4 it caught. The time it was sucsessful it had a bunch of colored lines one the screen when it was done. The other times it just stayed a black screen. Here is what I used for mine,0,0,0,23,1626 and...
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    Payback Full Version Won't Work?

    If the F200 is like the F100 you will need to put the firmware in the root of SD. Then turn GP2X off, press and hold START and SELECT when you turn on. Wait untill it shows the firmware update screen then you can let go of the buttons, then leave it alone for a few mins. It will do a few...
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    Firmware 4.1.0 For F200 And F100 Is Out

    Well I managed to unbrick my GP2X. Took 5 tries but she is back. I wanted to put a post if someone bricked theirs I would be willing to try and get it back up again, would like to keep it USA and Canada. Drop me a PM. I stuck with Firmware #3 this time. :P
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    Firmware 4.1.0 For F200 And F100 Is Out

    THANKS EvilDragon. I was having a prob. finding the windows program. I have cable on order so I hope I am back up in a few days.
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    Firmware 4.1.0 For F200 And F100 Is Out

    I found a guide in the cradle manual, I pulled from this site. If you can not find it I can email it to you, send me a PM. I looks like the ones that have worked on the F100s were upgraded 4.0 then to 4.1. Maybe that is the prob., we may need the 4.0 first. I have been out of the GP2X game...
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    Firmware 4.1.0 For F200 And F100 Is Out

    Looks like the F100 version might be buggy. Mine is the F100 MK 2 BTW. I think it was 2.1.1 Unless there was a version 3 that was out for the F100. With new bats. I just get a green power light, the screen does not even flicker when it is turned on.
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    Firmware 4.1.0 For F200 And F100 Is Out

    I just bricked my F100. Anyone else with a F100 get the upgrade to go through. I cleared the NAND, put unzipped files in root of card, power on with select and start, upgrading screen came up, then the new firmware 4.1 screen (said loading if I rember right) then it got stuck there. Waited...
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    Firmware 4.1.0 For F200 And F100 Is Out

    Sounds great I will give it a try when I get home tonight. Is anything put into the NAND? New demos or anything.
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    Hey Franxis, Would This Be Possible?

    That would be great on some of the 4 way movement games. Great idea
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    Game Editor 1.3.9 Is Out

    The new version of Game Editor works with the F200 touch screen. :) Now if I just had the F200 I would be set. :P Here is what is new from the site. The Game Editor 1.3.9 has been released. Here is the changes: - Make games for the GP2X F200 with touch screen support - Using...
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    New Version Of Game Editor Is Out

    Game Editor is a creation program, you need to make the games, it just makes it easier. In the GP2X files section, there are a few games that I konw were Game Editor games. BearOids (My bad attempt at a Asteroids clone) The new version runs this one at 30FPS without any trouble it is...
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    New Version Of Game Editor Is Out

    I just wanted to let everyone know that a new version of Game Editor is out. The best part is that the engine for the GP2X has been redone, it is A LOT faster now. Most games are running about 30 FPS with out overcloking. Check it out at
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    The New Bob

    Life is nicer if you take a dremel and cut the side down so you can get to the power switch. Then you do not need to take a knife or something to turn it on and off without pulling the GP2X out of the cradel. Cover all of the opening B4 you start to cut.
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    Mame Gp2x 3.8

    THANK YOU for the DIPs. That was the only thing I did not like in the GP2X version of Mame. PacMan in too much coffee mode is great. Plus we can make some of the games alot harder now. THANKS again :D
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    Gp2x Mame Freezes When Using A Dev. Bob

    I have the same prob. witht the cradel. For some reason mine works if I have 1 game pad plugged into port 1 and another on plugged into port 4. If I do not have 2 plugged in I get the same lock ups.
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    Vektar With External Gampad?

    Has anyone manage to get Vektar to work with a external joystick on the cradel or BOB?