1. scops

    [For Sale] Planet Computers Gemini (Wifi+4G, German Keyboard, Hub, OVP)

    Hallo zusammen, ich verkaufe meinen Gemini (4G) in OVP. Er wurde stehts pfleglich behandelt und in einer selbst gemachten Lederhülle transportiert. Falls daran auch interesse besteht kann ich gern Fotos nachliefern. Display hat keine Schäden oder Pixelfehler, Abschürfungen am Boden oder Deckel...
  2. sebt3


    I was planning to work on something exactly like anbox for pyra (once I got one). But since someone else have done most of the work, i'm leaving a link in here :P Should be good to have on a pyra
  3. Ted

    Is it possible to run Android emulator on Pyra?

    Is it possible to run Android emulator on Pyra? Or, is there any Android emulator for Debian/Linux? How about the operation experience of these emulators? i.e. play Android games.
  4. BrainSlugs83

    Pandora-like Keyboard case for Android Phone?

    Hey guys, I tried to do a little searching before posting this, but I'm coming up blank. I really love the keyboard and joystick layout of the official pandora case -- and I love my android phone. -- I want this keyboard / joystick for my android phone -- preferably in the form of a snap-on...
  5. fusion_power

    Pangea Sun - Modular (Android) Notebook

    I just strumbled over this Indiegogo campaign, modular computers seems to get more and more popular: New Specification * RockchipOcta-core RK3368 chipset * ARM Cortex-A53 * 64-bit CPU, up to 1.5GHz * PowerVRG6110GPU, supports OpenGL ES 3.1, OpenCL 1.2 and DirectX 9.3 * 2GB DDR3 * Android...