atari lynx

  1. romanaFour

    Handy Lynx emulator for wiz 2021-02-21

    Use gmenu2x file browser or write a shell script to launch handy_wiz.gpe gamename.bin because there's no GUI. I don't think the volume can be adjusted in-game. I only tested Scrapyard Dog. Seems ok. I think this is the only option for Lynx games on the Wiz?
  2. FelixNemis

    Just got an Atari Lynx

    So I just got an awesome birthday present. Chip's Challenge is one of my favorite games but I'd never played the original version, I've also been wanting to collect handhelds, and this is a nice start. With this I now have 4 handheld consoles: I also have a partially completed project of...