1. mmielke

    [WTB] Pandora battery

    Are there any US sources of Pandora batteries, and/or anyone with working batteries that can sell me theirs?
  2. TheGrandPubaa

    Operating a CC Pandora with only TV-Out; 480i Component Video

    Edit: I'm terribly sorry, I appear to have posted this in the Pyra forum. My apologies for the inconvenience. Could a moderator move this to the actual Pandora forum? Hey there. So my original Pandora had it's ribbon cable replaced once and that cable eventually failed as well, so my unit has...
  3. S

    Expected runtime of Pyra and clock rate

    Are there any ideas, how long the battery of the Pyra will last when using it in a "light" way, i.e. not playing games, just editing text and low bandwidth wifi, i.e. not watching video streams, but doing text chatting? 1 hour? 10 hours? Will it be possible to reduce the clock rate to improve...
  4. AVahne

    *COMPLETED* American Pandora battery

    Is there anyone in the United States with an extra Pandora battery that they're willing to sell? I bought one of the flawed Pandoras that ED put on his shop recently and opted to not get a battery in order to save on shipping costs (and to save about $10 on the cost of the Pandora itself). I had...