1. ptitSeb

    Beta ptitSeb's Beta Lair

    Here are some various PND that are not in the repo for various raisons. It can be that's the PND is not enough tested, that the resulting PND is a duplicate of some working version on the REPO, or just that the PND is not ready for repo (and maybe will never be ready for repo). Beeing Beta and...
  2. ptitSeb

    Beta ResidualVM

    I know there is already 2 ResidualVM PND on the repo, that's why, I'm not pushing a third. Still, I have an updated build of ResidualVM, using latest git sources, and compiled to run using GLES2 & Shader. I tested quickly on Grim Fandago and Myst 3 and both worked well. ResidualVM support also...