1. FelixNemis

    Analogue Pocket FPGA Gameboy/Color/Advance announced

    Analogue is making a FPGA handheld! I'm pretty excited for this thing https://www.analogue.co/pocket/ This is looking like exactly what I want from a gameboy clone Well I like the original gba form factor more but this is good too It has a high resolution screen for nice scaling of the various...
  2. MrLimatex

    GPD XD 2 Plus - a small review

    Good morning guys, with this post, I do my first step into the english board. Why now? I was just a reader, not a writer. Now I have something to say. Yesterday, I've received my GPD XD+. I was really really excited, because I do love handhelds from the bottom of my heart. Some years ago...
  3. tarator

    Possible Pyra competitor: Graalphone

    Has anybody heard about the Graalphone[1]? What do you think about this device? I stumbled over it while reading articles on Golem.de[2]. The smartphone should run Android, the tablet Windows 10. They're planning to release this device in late 2017. Here a promo video: [1]...