1. jgeiss

    Configuring and compiling a recent kernel

    Hi there, I'm currently cross-compiling a Gentoo system for the Pandora using a cross-compiler and QEmu. It works quite well, but now I want to configure and compile a recent kernel. Until now I used the pandora-kernel from git:// (track -b pandora-3.2...
  2. Pyramancer

    Potential for Linux-libre on the Pyra?

    If someone were willing to do the necessary work, what is the potential for running a Linux-libre kernel on the Pyra? Are there components of the device that will definitely not function without blobs or other non-Free software? Is the answer to this question different for the mobile-capable...
  3. 8bitDev

    OS (drivers)compatibility

    Hi guys,i don't mind having dual core CPU if its properly optimized .Now take a look at PSP(Playstation Portable)with 333Mhz CPU and quality of games provided on it.Now comparing to the PSP this(Pyra provided) hardware is more powerful,but compared to GPD Win seems that most people don't get how...
  4. O

    [Roadmap] Using the Cortex M4 CPUs

    This is a sumary of the research I've been doing on this subject. This reflects to my best will what I think can be done according to the documentation I've found. First at all, the Cortex M4 cores might be clocked around 167 MHz 200MHz Second, I found the OMAP543x Technical Reference Manual...