1. Librelism

    Any Experiences With VoIP Phone/SMS Service?

    I'm fed up with having a cell phone. I don't like my phone number being locked into a single device, with the only means of connection always giving away my location every time I use it. A traditional landline addresses some of these issues, but we all know the downsides compared to a cell...
  2. Silent-Hunter


    Will the Pyra support E911? I think in order to be sold in the US, it legally has to. But the penalties seem to apply to the phone network carriers, not the manufacturers, so I could be wrong. Devices not sold by the carrier might not have to.
  3. PowerGod

    Help translating "quoted-printable" to emoji

    Hi, I have a phone that doesn't show emoji, but as far as I tell to people to not send me those things, they still does... On the phone itself I can only see little squares, but I can save the messages in .vmg format and look at them from the PC. The content of a message with just emoji...
  4. klapse

    How will phone functionality be achieved?

    Title says it all. I'd be interested in using the pyra as a phone replacement. Is there an existing debian-arm package for receiving calls? A dialer app? Could we start a wiki or mailing list to get this up and running?
  5. T

    Cool project. Pyra used as cell phone?

    How would one make phone calls? Is the sim GSM? Or only used for data? This seems like exactly what I'm looking for if I can ditch my cell phone.
  6. F

    Pyra as a Phone

    Hello, I'm new to posting on the forum after being a lurker for many years. I'm excited to see the Pyra nearing production. I see the Pyra primarily as a miniature Linux computer. However, if it could be a basic phone whilst running Linux that would be useful. I'm looking for the ability to...