1. sebt3

    apps vs packages focus of the repo

    Hi there, Up to now, my focus on the repository was to highlight what one can do with a pyra. So I put the focus on the apps instead of the packages. Most of the time, the package only contain one app. In this case, either way is the same since one is the other one. But there's 2 cases where...
  2. fantomid

    Software repo password reset

    Decided to update the OpenBOR pnd to follow the information contained in this chronocrash post, I tried to connect on the repo. But I forgot my password and maybe the email account attached :oops: I tried to reset it, but it seems that it's doesn't work anymore, does it ?
  3. sebt3

    Pyra DBP repository (dev talk)

    This is the devel thread. If you're not ready to commit some code, please use the user thread instead. The actual repository code is available on github. Any PR posted there will be looked at and probably accepted. Technologies : Slim Framework (meaning PHP) bootstrap D3 mysql for the database...
  4. sebt3

    DBP repository

    This is the user talk thread. For serious devtalk, use the dedicated thread. Since slaeshjag introduced his work on the dbp system, there havent been any repository set. This is it. [Link] As you can see there's no DBP uploaded yet. I'm guessing this is expected since none have been publicly...
  5. Drinkwater

    Software Would anyone be interested in uploading an up-to-date Emacs PND?

    I noticed the only Emacs PND's in the repo were uploaded 3-4 years ago. I'd take up the challenge myself, but the prospect of setting up the cross-compilation environment is something I do not have the energy for at this time. If anyone else wants to handle this, I'd be happy to give, like, 50...
  6. R

    NetHack 3.6.0 - Pandora Specific Controls [Hacky Build]

    Hi, I don't tend to post here much, but I have been lurking for awhile. By the way, I'm not overly experienced in programming in C, or porting titles. I apologise if this forum is the wrong place to ask about this, as it is mostly about NetHack source code, but partly about Pandora controls and...