1. FBnil

    Hardening the Pyra (by hardening systemd services). Intended audience: Linux intermediate

    The Pyra, which has a modified build based on Debian, has systemd. The Linux Journal, now resurrected, has a nice article about hardening your Linux Installation. Basically you can run the following command to check what the...
  2. Klumpen

    HP laptops coming with keylogger
  3. klapse

    Computer Security and OS Design Videos by Joanna

    youtube search Joanna Rutkowska great lectures and cool young lady.
  4. ible

    Talos - IBM power8 based cpu, less blobs? $4100 just for a motherboard, or $7500 for a beefy desktop (motherboard, 128GB ram, some HDD, a chassis, a $250 AMD GPU, etc.) but besides the above investment, you need to buy a CPU...
  5. levi

    ASN1C preprocessor bug - does this affect the GSM Pyra?

    See The Pyra's GSM chip presumably runs some sort of OS to parse AT commands and deal with real-time parts of phone connectivity. If the source for that OS was built using a preprocessor named ASN1C to...
  6. Klumpen

    Linux Mint site and forum hacked, contaminated ISOs and stolen passwords

    I've just gotten an eMail from the boards to change my password anywhere in the net where I might have used the same one as on the Mint boards and wonder why it came so late: