1. D

    Could AMD A6-9220C be an SoC candidate?

    While everyone else was waiting for Zen 2 and Navi, AMD got my attention by releasing two Chromebook oriented SoCs; the A4-9120C and the A6-9220C. Both are 6W TDP parts (OMAP5432 seems to be configurable as 3W or 6W?) and have full fledged x86 cores with GCN graphics. Linux support could...
  2. FBnil

    It is happening: 10 nanometer Chip technology is here

    disclaimer: The power consumption comes mostly from the screen background leds. So, in 2014 ARM released the A15 (28mn) technology. Which was available one year later to non-insiders. Look at the power reduction... And now, in 2017 Artemis arrives on 10nm, and look at the sustainable burst...
  3. V

    Qualcomm SoCs and SBCs

    Hey all, I just noticed on the Wikipedia page for the Adreno GPU that Freedreno supports full OpenGL (up to 3.1) on a variety of different Qualcomm SoCs. There are even some commercially available SBC computers from Qualcomm. I'm posting out of ignorance and curiosity - both about how viable...