1. FBnil

    Hardening the Pyra (by hardening systemd services). Intended audience: Linux intermediate

    The Pyra, which has a modified build based on Debian, has systemd. The Linux Journal, now resurrected, has a nice article about hardening your Linux Installation. Basically you can run the following command to check what the...
  2. P

    SystemD Debates

    The debates we all know so well, now hopefully presented in a single, logistically appropriate place. I am opening this thread because the Devuan thread was falling into chaos. I hope people will use it for all future SysD debate and keep the rest of the site clean. My first, and possibly only...
  3. O

    Pyra debian with systemd?

    I was wondering whether the official Debian distro will come with systemd or sysvinit as Pandora did? Quite a few of my Configuration files assume systemd, so It'll be a pain in the neck to find and rewrite such configs... Thanks!