1GHz Open Pandora


Mar 24, 2007
Hi guys, my forum name is Eddie and I have decided to sale my Pandora, I created an ebay listing -


Right now it is only avalible in the US but if someone overseas would like to purchase it offer price and lets calc shipping and I would relist for purchase.

The Pandora is lightly used with very few light wear scratches and rubs on the back and sholders of the pandora. Everything works great and I love it but don't see myself using it as much because of work. Ive included the accessories that I purchased with it into the auction price starting at 426.30$USD. Thats lower then I think its worth.


May I draw your attention to one of the trading section rules:

All items must have a picture with the sellers forum name somewhere next to it (Not photoshopped) - If you don't have a camera, don't post.

(i.e. write your name on a scrap of paper, and make sure the paper is visible in your photograph)

This is important as a fraud-prevention measure.
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Oh the way I read that was that I needed my forum name in the message body see "Hi guys, my forum name is Eddie" I just uploaded the pick here. Also it has been updated to SuperZaxxon v1.62

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Less then 20hours left, Good luck to any bidders and merry christmas.

  Edit* The winner contacted me and said they no longer want purchase, So I will be relisting

For any interested UK shipping friends - -

UK shipping comes to around $65.10usd Priority Mail Express International unless anyone knows a cheaper shipping route?
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I just learned that ebay is going to charge me 10% (43.38$) to sell the pandora there... So if anyone would like to purchase the pandora directly from me I will sell it for 405$ + whatever shipping (UK shipping listed above US is around 9$). That would be a better deal for me and the buyer. Paypal charges 2.9% + $.30 and you get some kind of buyers insurance that way.

If you want to save a few bucks you can pay me as gift 390$ + shipping fees but there isnt any insurance or way for you to charge back. Im not interested in scamming though. Just getting paid for the pandora and cutting out the middle man fees if possible.
Sure. The reason the ebay request was cancelled was due to the person who won the bid, Not me. After they won they contacted me saying that they found a Pandora cheaper and were not going to pay for mine. While this made me a little disappointed I understand that the Pandora belongs in a persons hands who really want one, there defiantly not for everyone. So I politely sent them a cancellation request which they accepted and was able to repost the Pandora right away.


The ebay price is higher to cover the fees, but I am offering other payment methods that have lower fees so If someone from the forms would like to save around 50$ they will be able to. But its first come first serve.

I defiantly did not cancel the order on ebay in order to receive a lower price! Had the buyer have sent me the money I would have simply paid the fee and moved on. If someone wants to pay the gift route I have no issue sending a written agreement to a mod, ect.

Edit* As for the price it is pretty firm. When I purchased the Pandora I paid over 800$ after shipping and accessory’s

As stated on the ebay post the nubs need preheating (Don’t all pandora's?) and there is one very,very small dead pixel in the top right. The pandora has been stored in a water tight case and the screen protector was well placed with the tape method. The case could easily be replaced for about 10usd from the store and honestly its not needed. If you were going to replace the case I would get the 90$ black aluminium case as that would just be plain sexy
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