A Port Of Colors! - Anyone Willing ?


Still Fresh
Oct 27, 2005
I have Colors! on my DS and it is a rather unique and cool drawing app. I lov the way it re-draws your drawing when you load it,. and there is even a way to ad these to a web site;

ColorsDraw is a Java application that allows you to load a .drw file and repaint it in the resolution of your choice. It can also export the repainting process as an uncompressed .avi video-file.

I emailed the developer to see if a Caanoo port was possible and got this reply;

I haven’t planned to port it to the GP2X series. I’ve been considering to open-source Colors!, but I haven’t made the effort as it’s a little bit complicated since I’m actually selling Colors! for the iPhone.

I have made the source available for a few people who I believed had the potential to actually pull it off. If you know someone like that, I could do that for a GP2X port as well

You can find his email on his site if you are "that guy".


I would just like to be able to make funky drawings on the train using the Caanoo,. Cheers.
Sound like he is trying to make money off it, he might be interested in porting it himself so he can sell it on fungp, maybe you should send him a link to fungp.
Tho I am not a fan of proprietary software but it would solve his "complications" issue
Im really interested too!!

Colors! is a great app on my NDS, im actually using it like a notepad (using x2 zoom and smaaall font)