Advice On Blu Purchase Please...

Prophet don't forget to state you are in the US on before you go to the checkout. If you don't it adds on VAT at 17.5%.

It should only come out to $207 using airmail.

I did that. I just went thru the order screens again and checked things over carefully.

I specified USA, pay by credit card, ship by UPS.

When I get to the Worldpay screen, and choose currency as $USD, the total is $268.07!

"Description 1 x 166mhz GP32 BLU Console (UPS Express)
Amount £140.92 "
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No problem I understand. If I lived in the UK I'd buy from GBAX without even thinking twice, as I said in my email.

But the exchange rates are just awful right now. That's a huge difference. :/