"any News"- The Sequel?


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Mar 23, 2005
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Is this still being worked on? It would be nice to have something to show near the end of the GP32s official life (besides that though the GP32 shall ALWAYS live on!!!). I still appreciate your hard work, even if there is nothing to show for it. At the very least it got us publicity!
Quiest posted on Oct 7 2005 at 05:56 AM said:
Nothing to show? Duke3D, SNES, Quake, Doom, Beats Of Rage, DrMD, etc ???
For GPLinux I mean.
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Hi there,

I spent the last month living entirely in userspace, doing development for another ARM board I got. I've finished the GoboLinux port to ARM, which now includes support for Xorg and the Matchbox window manager. The cool thing is that this work directly applies to the GP32 in the desktop.

Finished with that, I restarted working on the GP32 on the last week. I've just finished a new patchset against 2.6.14-rc3-git4, which was submitted and is now waiting for review before getting commited. I've also compiled a zImage and made it available on my web space. It just wasn't tested yet, as I'm not at home now, but it should be able to provide some information through the serial interface. I'll test that at night. The bootloader (fxe) and zImage26 can be gathered from here:


One interesting thing is that a patch that I was previously providing for the UART was wrong. The UART error condition register doesn't set a bit which was told in the datasheets. Bad, bad! I hope that my previous problems with the serial were related to this patch (I'm not too much confident on that, but anyway..)

By the way, I've seen that GP2X is being shipped with Linux already. Does anyone know where are their modifications available?

Well, I will keep you aware of any news. Please keep doing pressure on me, so that I don't give up on this :)

Oh yay! I just noticed you replied! :) I really do suck at linux although I just did reinstall it on my PC again. So, linux on GP32 works? As in I would be able too see a UI? I wouldn't know how to install linux on my GP32. Do you think you will get involved with the Open2x project?