Anyone Have Trouble With Http://


Still Fresh
Dec 17, 2010
Anyone buy from http://www.DINGOO-DIGITAL-USA.COM?

Pretty simple process for them with me.

My white cannoo is on the way!
I work a day job as as of late have been work 6AM to 6PM so I will be shipping any orders on Fridays and the weekend
I had a great experience with Dingoo Digital USA. The emails back were pretty fast, I was kept informed about what the current status was of my order and no problems getting it from USPS. Everything showed up great, works wonderfully so far. My version (2nd batch I think?) came with 1.0.7 which I'm hearing has some issues and was not released, so I need to either downgrade to 1.0.6 or upgrade to 1.5.0. I'm guessing the third batch will come with the 1.5.0 firmware update and the 4gb memory card.