Apple, the Evil Itself or cool electronic toys?


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Oct 24, 2008
Germany,, Saarland, at home
Well as i wrote in "What dit you bought lately" i have bought me a Ipad Air 5 (2022), last week, its only the 64 gb but i dont plan to store Musik from my Apple Musik Library on it..
, i have a few usecases it might be much more sutuable than the Pyra or my Linux ARM Computer, :

- Watching DRM Streaming Broadcasts (Netflix etc)
- thanks to Garrageband, and the feature for Multitasking on more Screens having a Virtuall Amp on the Pad and maybe some tabbs or other Musik notes on the TV,
- Using it as a drawing tablet whit the Apple Pencil..
- as a learning tablet for some languages or other things..
- Maybe sometime in the future to cut my Videos? Thanks to Icloud the stuff i made whit the Iphone gets also automatically available on the Pad

And i dit used it on Weekend for lots of Youtube Watching..
Pictures and other stuff will get put in when im not at work..
I forgot to make more posts about this, i found out Reinhard Mey, a German Singer Songwriter (Chansonier) (Liedermacher) put lots of his Songs on his website whit Chords and Text, so its also a Task for the Pad ..
So its a Elektronical Songbook for Guitar, ..

And as the ex Bed Couch my Sister lost in her Room when she went out of this house is quite unconfortable, its also great to watch Youtube and stuff on my Bed .. ^^

I had quite some issues at first whit the Pencil reconicing my Handwriting, expecally the number 9 which is also a g or a q , but when you found out how it works, its works...
For the guitar I liked to use an e-book reader. I could keep it displayed for as long as I wanted without worrying about the battery.
I was making an Ebook by Scanning some pages of my paper songbook but unfortunately it ditnt work out , the ebook ditnt have changeable fonts and it’s like having image on the reader..

But maybe I get these pdf from Mr Mey to work as an better ebook ..
until this is done I will use the Pad at home for this..
iPads are fine for using, the products usually work very well. It's when you want to walk outside of the Apple road you run into problems. Like doing your own repairs or easily running your own software.
Those things you probably only feel after a few years.
Also having Apple as a reference causes other companies to do similar things; like dropping headphone jack support.
EvilDragon should make a PyraPad as his next produkt, but he should not forgett to put an Calculator App in and make it Whats App Compatible, these 2 Things are still missing..
I miss playing with my Apple IIs
I still have my g4 cube all boxed up and untouched since ~20 years. Has osx as well as Linux on it (from the peak of my computer enthusiasm). I'm kinda scared to boot it ..

I hated all those Mac fanboys "Mac addicts" back in the day when they were an elitist fringe group. Now the post iPhone fanboy group contains everyone and their pet poodle I'm totally down with old.

Apple pushed things so hard. 3.25" floppies, laser printers, colour monitors, SCSI, PowerPC, 3d graphing calculators with stock os ....

Apple were at their peak when they were all about... education (including desktop publishing). Not a gadget company at all. As pioneering as Sun Microsystems... Steve Jobs is possibly the greatest technologist of all time. Yes...

Now they are not evil they just have a weak leader who is a puppet to shareholders so just another corporation, riding a nice wave.
As pioneering as Sun Microsystems... Steve Jobs is possibly the greatest technologist of all time. Yes...
I also miss my time with Solaris. That was when I moved from *nix dabbler into an enthusiast.

I'm not a fan of Jobs. Yes, it took him and Woz to make Apple Computers a successful company, but were it not for the actual technical prowess of Woz there would be nothing. Jobs was a great businessman.
Jobs was a product designer. He put product before profits and cancelled and delayed products that didn't meet his standard. Gates was the businessman to which the tech was optional, i would say.

Many people dislike Apple because their products are more expensive. Fine. Apple fanboys do kind of annoy me but Apple was a very special company with Jobs at the helm. Very innovative and high quality. Like Nintendo with Miyamoto. Actually I think that Miyamoto and Jobs are strong enough leaders they can keep the board of directors - who will always angle for profits - in their hand, follow the vision and wait until products are ready which ultimately lead to greater success. Both Apple and Nintendo are world beating despite all odds. Gotta give em that.

So Apple was about tech not just gadgets. All for profit companies are evil... More even when profits are scarce.

Oh btw, I suspect when history is written the peak of the digital boom that started after the war will be marked by the iPhone in 2007. It represented maturity in all sorts of underlying tech and the point at which we became limited by our imagination not what was technically possible.
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Seems like i as Thread Starter ditnt wrote much..
used the pad this week mostly for Streaming stuff, not that much for learning or work like I was planing..
after meal this afternoon i will take it out to test how good this screen works in sunshine, mobile internet will get take from my IPhone..
unlike on other devices I can connect to the Mobile Hotspot whiteout enabling it from the phone..

I have a Swiss Army Bread Bag which fits the iPad sort of, the big power bank and my 3DS as I want to continue whit Mario 3D Land..
Seems to work well, its no actual Gameplay on the IPad, it’s a Gothic 2 Lets Play I watch..
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Has your phone changed substantially since 2007?
Indeed it has, several times actually ;)
They are extremely wasteful, i.e. immature. The issuers of such phones or there parts - well almost all of them - are utter control freaks, which manifests in hard- and software and clouds and whatnot, which makes its user unfree to a significant degree, i.e. immature. Battery tech hasn't matured enough yet. Display tech just hasn't matured yet.
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But what exactly are you saying? The tech in smartphones hasn't been conceived yet?