Attn: Music Fans


Still Fresh
Jun 25, 2006
After reading Axeman's thread on his new song (which I am currently listening to BTW -- pretty damn good), I figured I may as well post my music -- I don't have anything to lose (besides my confidence... go easy on me :-/) (sorry its a myspace to the myspace haters)

I'd put my music in the Experimental - Progressive - Futuristic - Comedy category. I'm more serious music wise with my other band (, this is just my "solo project".

Also, to those interested, I just started a fake Death Metal band - (the only member is me again, dont be fooled by the member list on the myspace, they are all anagrams of my real name).

I'm going to release an "album" sometime soon with most of my works on it, through self publishing.

Well that wraps everything up, just try and enjoy.