Bricked Gp2x For Sale Cheap!


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Apr 9, 2008
I am going to post on ebay soon, but i figured i would see if anyone in the comuinity would like to buy this from me.

Unit is in great shape its just bricked. Unit is a MK2, the c stick works great. I put a ps2 controller rubber cover on it, and glued it down and it works fantastic.

I am very sad to see this go,but i have learned my lesson and will not mess with the firmwire on my new unit.

shipping would be 6 bucks US and 12 bucks for International shipping.Please make a resonable offer.

for explanation on how I bricked it Click Here

For info on the ps2 rubber cap mod i did Click Here
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I would unbrick it, but i dont have any of the hardware to do i figured this would be the best way(along with hawking other game stuff on ebay) to get back in the gp2x saddle

Also i did not want to bug,and with all the bricks floating around the board right now i assume the guys in the know when it comes to unbricking. are prolly geting all kinds of PM's.