Broken backlight


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Mar 9, 2013
I've been pretty rough with my 1 GHz Pandora. I carry it with me everywhere and have dropped it on a few occasions (usually causing a reboot). Today, it fell a long way and the backlight stopped working.

After 30 mins of trying to coax it back to life by squeezing things and rebooting I took a screwdriver to the front to take a look behind the screen. I couldn't see any loose connections. The screen itself seems to be fine as I'm able to see my desktop in bright enough light.

Might there be a way to fix the backlight or am I looking at a RMA? As I've said, I've been pretty rough on my unit so the case, nubs, keyboard, etc will likely be of little value to anyone other than myself. Would it cost much to just have the backlight repaired? How about just keeping the guts and replacing the peripherals?

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Definitely an RMA. Flat fluorescent lights are fragile and it has probably been cracked. I'm pretty sure it wouldn't be covered by warranty, so expect to pay for the replacement screen.

You could also try buying a screen from GBAX and replacing it yourself.
How about just keeping the guts and replacing the peripherals?
That's not really possible, since everything is part of a single large circuit board:


Even the nubs are soldered on (even if they're not in the above photo)
I see. In that case I'd hope I can have the screen and case replaced (as pretty much everything still works well enough).

I've not done an RMA before but have read the stickied notes. I gather I have to print and fill in the form and send it along with my unit to Germany (I'm sure the address is somewhere around here).

One final caveat, my payment options are severely limited. Pretty much all I have right now is international wire (which will cost me more than 20 EUR + whatever it costs me to make an international call (I have no phone). Unless by some miracle DragonBox are able to accept Bitcoin, I'd like to make sure I only send money once for everything. Is a single payment normal for an RMA?

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