C&c Red Alert



Hi, does anyone know of a xp crack for C&C red alert. I found the aftermath CD under my bed and I really wana play, but wen i try to install red alert it brings up XP like it can be oinly loaded on windows 95' which is gash.
If anyone could help me you would be a ledge.

That would probably be best but... he can't install it so it won't show on his computer :( . Now if he could install the damn thing then your suggestion would work but he says he can't install. :( :)
Ive tried that 95 tab and its funny, it installs it but all the way throught ther installtion it brings up errors. Then when i load the game it bring up more errors any help?
Its something about entry intot he kenal or something like that

You could always try something like virtualPC (but that is way to much trouble to play a game).
Worked Perfect for me... Just put it in, set the Setup.exe to run in Windows 95 mode and it Installed and runs Perfectly :)
Its says something about MYDLL. not wokring its strange. it loads it up but comes up with error messages. but still lets me install. AHhhhhh help
95 tab in on.

What drivers sud i install?> i wants pre-historic ones lol

I love C&C Games

I'll tell you what I did! I got another HDD and installed windows 98 on it :) Now I still have xp and I have windows 98!

If only windows 98 could run my external HDD then I would always use it.

another thing I did was get and old pc for free because people love to give old pentium 1 and 2's away...

but anyway all that probably costs money... so good luck with that

My friend tried to install monster truck madness at a LAN party I had and that didn't work in xp either. Of course we didn't do the run in windows 95 mode thing to it.
chrisnic, can you install the game or not? If yu can install the game but not start it, what is the error message you get?

It should all work OK, but just tell me your problem, and be precise. I am S-Mod on the largest German C&C-board and I am sure I know people that can help you, but I need to know the exact problem.

It works OK for me by the way.
Ok it come up with this error message

C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\_ISTMP1.DIR\MYDLL.DLL failed to load Returned-1.

just after it asks me to select the direct drivers i want to use.

Yet after the message it still lets me install the game. as it is installing tho it brings up multiple blank error boxes.

Any help