Can My F100 Use 16gb Sdhc Cards With Firmware 2.0.0 ?


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Sep 30, 2006
Hi, I was wondering if I could use the newer 16gb SDHC cards on my GP2X F100 with firmware 2.0.0. If not would I need to try and update the firmware for it to work. Also I noticed that there are 16gb plain "SD" cards for sale. Would those work with my set-up as it is now or would I need to upgrade the firmware with that? Are there any brands of the 16gb cards to avoid? Here is a link of where I want to buy the 16 gb card from:

trooper said:
Yes, You will need to update your firmware.

All the information you need is Here.


Ok thanks,

What about the regular SD 16 gb card on the NewEgg list that I posted? Would that need the firmware update?

This card:

I'm kind of reluctant to update the firmware but I will if I need to for the 16gb cards.

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Ooops. The card I listed in that last post is a SDHC card.

Sorry nevermind.
The largest capacity available for regular SD cards are 4GB (non-standard). Anything larger than 4GB are SDHC, and there are 4GB SDHC cards.