CaSTaway GP feedback

I wasnt asking about porting Steem but simply wondering whether the sources from moron would be useful if used in conjunction with CaSTaway to improve upon the originals handling of sound sampling.

Other emulators on the GP32 arent just straight ports but utilise code from several emulators such as LJGP for example.

I am quite aware that the original version of CaSTaway has been greatly improved upon by Skeezix and thoroughly glad he didnt port moron instead as its port to the XBox (sound sampling aside) shows that its a much inferior open source Atari ST emulator especially compatibility wise.

Last time I natted to MrMirko about Hatari it would seem he has indeed run into bugs. Still the one thing ive found interesting about Hatari on Linux/Unix is that even though it uses moron sources, by using the UAE 68k core its compatibility issues seem to have been reduced e.g. R-Type now works.
Try moron on Windows .. I always thought it was "very" compatable but I never went to town on it with the trickier games.

Porting moron away from intel is always a chore since it used an ASM core, so that usually introeuced a lot of issues; Hatari, is moron plus UAE's core, so should be as or more compatible than moron on intel.

Anyone know how good Hatari compatability is?

I've been looking into porting Hatari to PalmOS and GP32. it looks very doable, though it takes some doing to toss out a lot of the extra junk Hatari has in it we don't need. But I've not tried Hatari too much on its own.

It will run slower than CaSTaway if ported.

How about instead of porting Hatari entirely, just using its sound core with CaSTawayGP/Z as Chui has done with DCaSTaway?

He told me the sound is much better although it places more demand on the CPU. Course you could circumvent this by using Cyclone.
The only thing that I would like to see in castaway that I guess is relatively easy to implement would be an auto frame skip. Certainly my favourite emu for the GP, actually that is what made me want to buy one in the first place (along with Atari800).

Keep up the good work skeezix, it is much appriciated.