Coreboot + Linux-Libre could bring TONS more users


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Apr 15, 2011
If the music and audio people can focus on making their job easier, that trickles down to everyone using sound. Any market is big enough to target, and the compromises are made to fit the current one. Easy, simple and trusted.

The swiss army knife is good at what it does, it maybe does too much to not fall between some chairs, but the pyra is pocketable to begin with.

As such it isnt a fullsize anything, but for what it is, it could be the best at that.

Unless a feature breaks another usecase then its good. Locked down anything is an anti-feature.


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Jan 12, 2011
Strasbourg, France
BTW, swiss army knives are useless toys for kids aged 20+ who happen to use its screwdriver maybe twice in the knife's lifetime: once to check it out, and a second time to impress a friend.
I know what you are trying to say, but this is not actually the case.  I have had several multitools since I was under 10.  I use them regularly and know many others that do as well.  Many people prefer the ones with pliers that are more rugged and heavy.  Some of us prefer the smaller, lighter weight swiss army knives.  I have used the phillips screwdriver on the current one I carry many times, yet I do prefer a better screwdriver if I have the option, and sometimes the one on the knife is not long enough.  When it does get used I am glad I have it.  I use the blades and scissors frequently, and have used the file and awl a few times.  The only things I can't remember using are the saw and that stupid hook thing, and I avoid the toothpick.

I have recently discussed with someone who was against the swiss army knife approach of some network devices.  Yes, it is nice to have dedicated stuff, but if you don't have the funds, space or need for more then having one thing that can handle your requirements it is a valid option.

The same is true of the Pandora and Pyra, however they have one more thing in common with swiss army knives that don't really apply to network hardware: they can fit in your pocket.  Yes, a better knife or screwdriver will probably be more useful.  Not everyone carries a tool kit with them.  My Pandora isn't as powerful as other computers, but if it is what I have with me I still get much more use from it right then than the computer I have at home, and it works better for me than a touchscreen only Android-based device.
I agree that it's impossible to have a toolbox with you all the time, and I do have a knife with a blade, a corksrew and a beer opener thing which also can be used as a very ugly flat screwdriver. This covers 90% of the cases where I could use a swiss knife, for only a fraction of its price. For the remaining 10 cases (when e.g. a real philipps screwdriver is necessary), I prefer to have a real screwdriver (I have a tiny electrical one) which costs about as much as a swiss knife but works 10-20 times faster and is compatible with every screw I've seen so far, except really small ones.

The same is true for the Pandora: I do enjoy its versatility, but only when it's up to the task. I don't intend to run autocad on it, even if it was possible.
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