[Development] OpenGL, question.


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Oct 4, 2008
Hi everybody,

(I have used the search function, but if a post still answer this question please tell me.)

I would like to start openGL coding for the pandora i already know some languages but never used opengl in any of them, I would like to know if I use "glut" on C/C++ the portage to the pandora will be straight forward or not.

Re: [Developpement] OpenGL, question.

Arialia said:
You can program in OpenGL ES 1.1 or OpenGL ES 2.0

I recommend this book for OpenGL ES 2.0 :
OpenGL ES 2.0 Programming guide by A. Munshi / Dan Ginburg /Dave Shreiner
I second that. It may also be beneficial to get the OpenGL ES 2.0 documentation from Khronos, too.
Re: [Developpement] OpenGL, question.

Hey thank you very much guys, I have too buy some book for university too so i think i will have this book too :D