Did Battle Isle Come Out On The St


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Jun 10, 2003
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i had the amiga version, did it come out on the ST if not is there a turn based wargame on the ST?
Prophet posted on Aug 22 2005 at 02:43 PM said:
moz at just use google. :) The answer is: yes.

As for where to get the Atari ST version, I dunno. But a visit to threads like this on Skeezix's board might help. ;)
mmm cheers, i tried googling earlier but couldnt find anything/ my brain didnt engage
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Note the STGAMES.TXT file included in the GP32 download has more games<->disk indexed .. a good resource. I've also got it on my site somewhere for searchign while out and about..

Theres a bunch of wargames for the ST; I always like dMillenium 2200 myself, and Civilization. Theres Colonial Conquest but its not well suited to GP32 play and doesn't quite work right.

Hmm, what was that cold war nuclear race game, for both Amiga and ST? hmmm..

Carrier Command and Populous-like games were about as well, so depends what sort of thing you're looking for.