if the person makin the winCE on finishes it we might just have the windows OS on there. :)
i was thinking about games like prince of persia or formula 1. those are very old dos games which are quite a lot fun. would be awesome to play them on the gp. and since scummvm already allows us to play the old lucas arts adventures, which were dos games as well, i just thought it can't be that hard. but im not a developer thats why i asked :unsure:
I wonder if DOS is the main part of an OS? in that case my last post would be the answer.
:p :)
Well just a free clone of dos running on the gp32, that'd still be a great thing to have!
To be honest I doubt there are that many non 3D dos games that aren't available for the Atari ST ,Genesis or some other well emulated system. Prince of Persia for example was released for just about every platform under the sun.
ooohh when is this getting released?? cos i cant wait to play duke newkem on my virtual pc gp32......................please email me the release date
For a dos emulator, you would just need a pc emulator. Maybe emulate a 386, with vga with 512k memory, 16meg main memory and a sb emulation and were there. The reason I say 386 is because it was the first 32 bit wintel processor and would meet the requirements of most old dos games.

from what I've heard, there are so many parts to a PC that a GP32 would need to emulate that it would struggle to do a 286 with about 6 MHz, IIRC.
Remember, there's no floating point unit (FPU). That would be very hard and slow to emulate. Some programs for old pc's don't require a FPU, but many do.

Please End This Post. Check out Cool Idea's and Other Wishes section for everything ever said about dos.
I hope people realize you can't search for words less than 3 characters in length.

That means DOS, BLU, FLU etc. etc.

So screaming at people to "SEARCH DA F&%@ING BOARD!!!!!!!!" is not only rude, it's ignorant. The search function is limited.
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