Fake Open Pandora

I'm still betting on it being actual Pandoras being resold, but we'll see.
Wow, they even claim to sell 3DSes

Post from pocketables forum about being scammed by Wanha Electics Co Ltd

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Re: Cheap N5's for Sale

Hello all,

Just wanted to warn you for some Chinese swindlers. I was intrigued by several internet advertisements of the Viliv N5 Premium UMPC. With amazing specs (among others a 3G network, GPS, 128 Gb SSD and 2 Gb of RAM memory) and an even more amazing low price of less than 400 US$. Some links of this device are here:




(although it's likely that these URL's will soon disappear)

Certainly, I was interested in this offer but I had my doubts about the trustworthiness of the seller (Wanha Electrics Co LTD). Particularly because it was not possible to pay by credit card. So I asked a couple of questions about their offer and about their business. I received prompt answers in poor English. They even sent me a jpg of a certicate (in Chinese of course) that should impress me. I finally decided to take the risk. After another e-mail confirmation I transferred the amount and waited. After a couple of days they sent me a tracking number of Hong Kong Post and about ten days later I received a parcel. When I opened it, it didn't contain the Viliv N5 Premium. Instead, they sent me a questionable smartphone. Without a doubt, the device had been used (it had fingerprints on the screen), probably refurbished. I sent a couple of emails to the same person as before, to let them know that this was not what we agreed upon. The mails remained unanswered. Now I'm left with a smartphone which I would never have bought. The actual model is different from the picture on the box, which is different from the Quick start guide in the box. The phone should be a HTC HD2 with Windows Mobile. All the manuals that I could find on the web for this phone show a different lay-out than the model that I have, i.e., my model has four buttons on the front (instead of five), no headphones connection and a different place for the SIM card and microSD card. There's no documentation for my phone available. It's outdated and practically useless.

Don't say you weren't warned. I wonder if the Viliv N5 Premium with the amazing specs exists at all. Please let me know!

Peter L
I'm still betting on it being actual Pandoras being resold, but we'll see.
But at a huge loss!?
Hmm... I was thinking "purchased second hand for real cheap from someone who changed their mind" or possibly even "works at the post office, nudge nudge wink wink", but in either case he could be selling them for $300 and make an even higher profit with less suspicion so the $166 price tag doesn't make any sense.

I'm now leaning more towards scam. Take your money and send nothing. There's no Pandora, there's no clones, just a money sink.
if anyone decides to buy 3 of these, i will gladly buy one off them

Why bother, you'd probably receive a used piece of outdated junk (as stated above). That wouldn't be very exciting. If it was an attempt at a fake, that would be kinda amusing, but that's highly unlikely.
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Just got my response. Claims to be a reseller for openpandora.org. I can buy two for $352, shipping included. Buy 3 (at $166 each) for free shipping, or buy 5 and get a 6th one free! With such great bargains, how can I go wrong?

He does say money transfer only, but this totally seems legit and not a scam at all!
don´t buy any, not even for checking.

they are probably analyzing the market to see if it is worth to copy it.

should they copy, it will stink as those 4 sms cell phones with 3g that lasts 1 month, this does not sound as a reputable company at all
A reseller for OP? Nice :)

I think we need to P-p-p-p-p-p-owerbook them! Send them some Monopoly money or something :)