First draft of my serious review. [Zero funny]

Why isn't super mario war in the repo.. that's a great question
I could try to create a new pnd, with a more standard adhere pxml (but everything else in it would be the same), but I do not know if this would be OK for the original author.

Why is Dino Defense not in the repo?
As far as I know iPrice deems it in a state where it doesn't belong in the repo.
I'm adding my comments inline in italics:

[...] under the control of a new leader Michael Mrozek (Evil Dragon).

explain that ED was involved in the project form early on, not someone who just suddenly showed up and took over

Review of the 1Ghz OpenPandora: 
[...] New software is released every day with 1000+ PNDs (350,000 downloads) on the official repo app store

define PND, or call it something like "software packages"

What is the Pandora? 
[...] To finish the point, you pay for the hardware and you own it completely. It runs doom.

I realise this may be an in-joke, but I don't see how Doom is relevant to openness.

[...] The official OS with a full-featured Linux desktop running a full desktop XFCE, a clean friendly UI called minimenu and bonus Android support.

the official OS comes with ...?

This doesn't make it clear that these are alternatives. Reading this with no prior knowledge, I would assume that minimenu is a custom XFCE theme, and the system is some level of Android compatible.

[...] The Pandora Repo is a appstore that will hit over 1000 PNDs in the next two months

again, PND needs to be defined somewhere.

[...] PNDManager lets people browse the Repo.

... but it's not the only option. This would be an excellent opportunity to point people at the web repo interface in case they're interested in what's available.

[...] There are even paid apps for programmers who are looking for a little coin.

The paid apps are from those programmers. The repo's functionality which supports paid apps is for them. Yes, I'm being picky here.

[...]The unit offers as much functionality as it can and it tries to do it in a way that can be used by people with and without computer knowledge and sadly there are a few steps that will confuse people.

non sequitur. I'd say it's ignorance friendly but sadly there are ...
[...] Because of the problems with the CC units.. the Rebirth and 1Ghz units have a new silver case

technically correct, but it suggests falsely that the problems with the first-generation cases were also CC's fault.
Good work!

You could emphasize that the different settings for controls in different emulators is just the same as in all real operating systems (Windows, MacOS...).

Maybe you should mention that the shoulder buttons make it a lot easier to use the keyboard and that it is well suited for coding.
Thanks for those edits.

"To finish the point, you pay for the hardware and you own it completely. It runs doom."

That's pretty much the perfect single line review of the product. It works for me.
Nice, tendential but not biased review, but I miss your style :mellow: